Manual Payment systems

Manual Payment systems

Manual Payment systems

The latest Shopify update adds support for manual payment systems such as

  • Mail order
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cash On Delivery (COD)

This should make it possible to use Shopify better in many regions around the world which rely on these payment systems such as Sweden, Spain and in parts Germany.

We also added a very cool feature which lets you attach notes to orders from your liquid files. More about this in the next post.



  • Amit
    October 05 2011, 03:55AM

    Would you charge a transaction fee on “Cash on Delivery” orders as well since they are not going through a payment gateway?

  • ismail
    January 12 2012, 01:59PM

    Addition to Amit, what about direct debit ? Is there any transaction fees ?

  • Paul
    May 01 2012, 06:14AM

    I’d like to use a deposit system. Is this possible?

  • Tesh
    May 03 2016, 05:42AM

    Need a Feature where the following can be done
    1. Add a PinCode List serviceable under COD.
    2. Customer can be informed that the Pincode is Serviced under COD or Not.
    3. Only after the pincode verification can the customer place order under COD.
    4. Admin can Add or Subtract Pincodes at will.

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    Best Payment Gateway
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