Paul is moving up in the world

Paul is moving up in the world

Newest Pixel: PDO (aka: Paul Ouderkirk) spent some time this week wiring up the office. Here is a classic pic of Paul “making it happen”.

Paul is moving up in the world


  • @Shopify Scott Lake
    Scott Lake
    September 22 2006, 10:00AM

    The D stands for demigod: A male being, often the offspring of a god and a mortal, who has some but not all of the powers of a god.

    Paul cant throw lightning bolts but he can do wonders with servers.

  • @Shopify tobi
    September 22 2006, 10:00AM

    Thats actually how paul looks. He doesn’t have a head.

  • AnonymouSs
    September 22 2006, 10:00AM

    D stands for douche bag!
    hahahah. Sniped.

    Just kidding, Paul is the all mighty, all knowing beast!

  • bleakslut
    October 06 2011, 11:37PM

    Why pull all that copper when you could just pull a couple strands of fiber instead? Silly pdo.

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