Shopify Dashboard

Shopify Dashboard

As we hinted at earlier, we have been working on some build in statistics for Shopify. The newly minted Shopify Dashboard overtakes the role of the orders overview as welcome page of the admin interface.

Shopify Dashboard

We started collecting data last friday evening and deployed the feature yesterday afternoon and were met with enthusiasm on our forums.



  • Casey
    January 30 2007, 11:49AM

    Very cool. I’d also like to see more in-depth stats (Browser version, etc…).

    This is a great move in the right direction!

  • Raymond Brigleb
    Raymond Brigleb
    January 30 2007, 11:49AM

    Just curious, cause I’d like to discuss this… why don’t your forums appear to be linked from anywhere on your site?

  • Mind Booster Noori
    Mind Booster Noori
    January 30 2007, 11:49AM

    The new dashboard is cool, but it has a “bug”… I get a
    “Revenue this week: € 5.00 EUR”
    when as a matter of fact the revenue was 0. That was a fake order that never took place, and it still appears on the website…

  • Virlozan
    August 18 2011, 03:44AM

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