Free & Flat-Rate Shipping

Free & Flat-Rate Shipping

setting up a price-based shipping rate

There’s a new tool at your disposal for rewarding your Shopify store’s valued customers: price-based shipping rates! These rates only become available for orders with a subtotal over a certain specified amount, so you can create all kinds of promotional incentives for the people who buy your products. You could start offering free shipping for any order over $39.99, or maybe advertise a special June-only $5 shipping offer for people spending $9 or more.

You’ll find new links located on your shipping preferences screen to create price-based shipping rates for any countries you want. Enjoy!



  • Cherry
    April 25 2012, 11:23PM

    How do the multiple shipping rates work together? for example, when shipwire shipping rate and free shipping both are available for USA, how does the system return the shipping charge? eg. shipwire shipping rate is USD10, however customer spend over USD100 which is qualified to get free shipping, so will customer see shipping rate USD10 or Free?

  • Jacopo
    March 18 2013, 01:31PM


    I have manually created a “Free” shipping by just writing 0.00 EUR, but when i press on th Checkout button, nothing happens. The site seems to be unable to proceed. All good with the other shipping rates.

    Please we need help.

    Thanks in advance

  • Baba
    May 23 2013, 04:53PM

    Hello, can I give exceptions for free shipping ? Is there a possibility to create categories of items that are excluded of the ‘’free shipping’’ promo that I want to do?
    For Example : I want to give free shipping on baby items but not on Food items.
    How can I exclude the food items from this special ?


  • Kris
    July 18 2013, 02:01AM

    I’m also wondering how to make exceptions with offering free shipping. We would like to offer free shipping over a certain dollar amount, excluding certain heavy items. Please let me know how to accomplish this.

  • Emily
    January 22 2014, 04:56PM

    Is there a way to restrict countries for free shipping? For example, I want to offer free shipping on orders with a subtotal of > or = $50 but only to the US and Canada.

  • Steven
    April 21 2014, 01:04AM

    Comments from 2 years ago still not getting replied to – not very good :(

  • Caitlin
    May 08 2014, 07:33PM

    Another FedEx Rate Hike…Here is what you can do about it.
    FedEx just announced it is raising prices by about 41% for one-third of their ground shipments. They’re doing this by charging for “box size” instead of “weight”. See article:

    Who is impacted and what can they do about it?
    Lighter weight products requiring a larger size box will cost more to ship. Product examples are diapers, paper towels, shoes, light toys, promotional materials, bulky household goods, fragile items requiring padded packaging, and many others. This increase will dramatically affect online retailers and small businesses the most. Merchants will have to choose to either raise product prices (sales will decrease), pass on shipping fees (cart abandonment will increase), or absorb the fee entirely (not competitive long-term).

    Is there a good option?
    Yes. While FedEx is raising rates, has lowered the price of shipping via USPS 2-Day Priority Mail with an innovative New Blue program now available at The company already saves shippers about 20% from their previous bills with FedEx or UPS by giving them access to pricing designed to compete with market leaders such as Amazon. By offering 2-day service for less than FEDEX 5-day ground, users retain more profit and provide a better transit experience to their customers. If you’re still shipping with FedEx or UPS, contact us for a free shipping analysis. We’re here to help.

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