8 Brilliant Things to Watch on Netflix That Will Make You Smarter

Who doesn’t love a bit of time on the couch or in bed with Netflix on? For some, it’s a way to unwind, but what if we told you that you can actually learn and feel smarter while unwinding?

Let’s take a look at eight brilliant Netflix shows that will make feel you smarter.

1. House

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of House. This medical drama will undoubtedly have you thinking outside of the box – and the creativity seen in Doctor House’s problem solving skills is something we should all strive for. By watching the show you can become familiar with the symptoms of certain diseases, and have fun while doing it.

2. Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

Jobs has been considered to be one of the most revered entrepreneurs and designers of our time. In the PBS documentary "Steve Jobs: One Last Thing," the filmmakers trace Jobs' career and lasting legacy in technology and retail, as well as his legendary product presentations.

3. House of Cards

Learn how a bill becomes a law, and much, much more with this incredibly informative political drama.

4. The Mind of a Chef

Seriously if this isn’t a stellar opportunity for a “brainfood” pun then I don’t know what is. This show is an insightful deep dive into the mind of a chef and explores how chefs make decisions, and why they make those decisions.

5. Cosmo: A Spacetime Odyssey

There’s nothing more exciting than space and time. What’s out there? How did we get here? Where did it all begin? If this show doesn’t get your mind wandering and considering the bigger picture, then I don’t know what will! Lots of mind blowing facts, fun animations, and more.

6. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room

This documentary from 2005 is a cautionary tale about the fall of Enron – the company which was at one point valued at $70 billion, to only find itself filing for bankruptcy 2001. All about fraud, financial corruption, and psychology – you'll learn about the collapse of a booming empire.

7. Freakonomics 

This film is based on the book by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. It explores the scientific and economic concepts behind behavior.

8. Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

After following the Rivers for a year, this documentary reveal the highs and lows of Rivers' decades-long quest to stay relevant. What does it take to get to the top and stay there?



  • Austin
    July 03 2008, 10:00AM

    Wow this site is fantastic!!!

    Love it!!

  • Liam @ The Watch Blog
    Liam @ The Watch Blog
    February 05 2016, 05:13PM

    The only one of these I’ve watches is House…. Don’t think i’d be any good as a doctor for anyone haha

  • Monica Miranda
    Monica Miranda
    February 09 2016, 01:55PM

    I have DVD’s for some episodes of House. Five DVD’s. I used to watch it on cable TV and I stoped when medical cases started to become to creepy for my soul like people losing parts of their bodies.
    It was no funny anymore nor educative. Just frightening giving you nightmares. That is how a TV series ends. Short after this House ended. Arrested Development ended the same way. It was a very intelligent TV series and it criticized Big Pharma, people who disobey embargos and get away with it, lack freedom of speech, bad things happening to good peoole (the algebra professor episode), Jewish mamma, etc.

    I’d love to see House of Cards and the doc with Steven Jobs. I love Joan Rivers, but I think I would not get most of her jokes. I used to watch her on E! RIP. I only hope her family is well.

  • Elena
    February 24 2016, 06:49PM

    House of cards is brilliant!! Not to mention Kevin’s performance… Joan Rivers: A piece of work is about her legacy, certainly nobody will ever be like her or replace her originality.

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