E-Commerce Marketing: The Big Picture - Part 2

Having secured a good strategy outside of the store to face the challenge of luring customers to click on the links that end up at your shop, it’s time to give thought to the other side of ecommerce marketing that takes place inside of the store: improving conversion rates. Or in plain English, “how to turn a viewer into a shopper”.

Here, Landing Page Optimization (LPO) and the need for a good LPO strategy is the first thing that needs consideration. What are you presenting to the customer who has just gone through the arduous quest of finding your shop? Is your presentation aimed at the right crowd?

Coming up with the best strategy is an endless task involving numerous A/B testing (testing how one landing page version’s responses compare with another version’s). But there are some easy fundamental pointers that should always be remembered. Take a look at a good overview of some basic LPO rules .

One of the most important aspects of LPO is the Value Proposition presented on the page. What are you giving to the customers in exchange for their money that will have them pick you as the ultimate choice? If you can convince the hasty, short-attention span customers of today with a good and brief value proposition, you’re in business.

Keep in mind that no matter what your value proposition is, expressing it in the right way can make all the difference. There’s an interesting article and webinar in MarketingExperiments that can be considered as a good guide for optimizing your value proposition . Ask yourself why should your potential audience buy from you? Compare your reasons with other retailers providing the same service. Refine them until you come up with something that stands out. Then try and express your results very briefly in a way you think can win a buyer over at a glance.

Having a brief look at the big picture of ecommerce marketing shows how important it is to categorize the different elements of marketing, and how this helps in keeping track of functionalities of each component. Still, there’s more to marketing than simple assessment and data gathering of these categories. At the end it all comes down to the insight that you take away and how you act upon it.

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