Ogone DirectLink Payment Gateway Integrated

Ogone DirectLink Payment Gateway Integrated
Ogone DirectLink Payment Gateway Integrated

Shopify now has support for the Ogone DirectLink payment gateway. Ogone supports a host of European countries including Belgium, Germany, France, Netherlands, Austria, and Switzerland.

Ogone connects to many major European banks, and supports the processing of all major credit cards including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Maestro, and Diner’s Club.

Special thanks to Nicolas Jacobeus of Belighted who contributed the code to to ActiveMerchant.



  • Philippe Legrain
    Philippe Legrain
    July 31 2009, 08:00AM

    Terrific! Many thanks for that! And thanks to Nicolas for the integration!

  • Python Programming
    Python Programming
    July 31 2009, 08:00AM

    I love the fact that, although you guys are a business for profit, you help the open source scene. Thanks guys.

  • bert
    July 31 2009, 08:00AM

    great news, but ogone is one of the most expensive processors and requires quite a bit of paperwork to set up. worldpay would have been more convenient in our case..

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  • alexandre hauben
    alexandre hauben
    April 15 2013, 05:29AM


    Would someone give me the right configuration to set up OGONE (like URL forwards, URL’s accept, decile, etc…) because nobody can helps us, nor at OGONE nor at shopify experts zone.

    Many thanks, for your help guys !

  • Danny Calders
    Danny Calders
    April 18 2014, 06:25AM

    Like Alexandre above, a standard OGONE configuration setup would be very much desired.

  • ali zennou
    ali zennou
    January 09 2018, 09:50AM

    Hi there,

    Please can I have the duration for the payment from your plateform to our bank.
    Thanks & best regards,
    Ali Zennou

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