Shopify Mobile 2.0 Released

Shopify Mobile
Just in time for the holiday shopping season, and after nearly 6 months of research, design, and development we're thrilled to announce the second iteration of our iPhone / iPod Touch application. We've received a tremendous amount of feedback from the over 1,600 shops using the application, and have worked hard to ensure this release is tailored for our customers on the go.

Redesigned Dashboard

We see the dashboard as the most important tool for mobile store owners. Most of you simply want to check the pulse of your store during the day, and so we set out to make the dashboard more informative and usable.
Shopify Mobile

Improved Order Management

Prior to this release, several steps were needed to capture funds and fulfill an order. Easily accessible buttons now give you instant access to fulfill, capture, and close your orders.
Shopify Mobile

Inventory Management Made Easy

We've introduced the ability to update inventory counts, toggle inventory tracking, and edit all product variant attributes.
Shopify Mobile


To download the latest release, visit the App Store on your Apple iOS device, or download from iTunes.

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