Increase Product Visibility With VersaFeed

Increase Product Visibility With VersaFeed

In today’s world, there’s more to running a successful online store than offering a great product. Consumers need to know your product exists and one of the best ways to direct them to your store is by increasing visibility.

Product visibility plays a major role in the success of your business. Knowing this, we teamed up with visibility experts VersaFeed who now offer a Shopify App that will list your online store’s products on major shopping sites, including: Google Product Search, Bing Shopping, Amazon Product Ads, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla and many more.

Increase Product Visibility VersaFeed Shopify

Listing your products on major comparison shopping engines will boost your site traffic and bring in more sales. This easy to use App will automatically traverse your entire website every 48 hours, finding and listing every product in your inventory.

Effectively pushing your product inventory to comparison shopping engines and online marketplaces can be a full-time job. If you’re looking for an easy solution to increasing your product’s visibility, check Shopify’s VersaFeed App out.



  • Linda Haworth
    Linda Haworth
    April 04 2011, 02:58PM

    I would like to get this VersaFeed app but not sure what I need to do?

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    April 04 2011, 02:58PM

    Hey Linda,

    Thanks for the comment. VersaFeed can be a very effective tool. You can read more here ( Cheers!

  • Kate Schofield
    Kate Schofield
    April 04 2011, 02:58PM

    I have an adult online business through shopify…but Im in Australia.We are a brand new store and as such have very little expendible cash for advertising etc. Any suggestions?
    Im absolutely lost trying to navigate “google adwords” and the like.

  • Norma
    April 04 2011, 02:58PM

    Need more information on how to get this app rolling…

  • Melissa
    April 04 2011, 02:58PM

    This is something I have been looking for for a long time, one place that covers all of the main data feed shopping engines. Google Product Search is already included and I’d love to add the rest but I am also struggling with the price per month also, especially when it is only an introductory price.

  • Aaron
    April 04 2011, 02:58PM

    I think this is a great service but the price is just too high. They are offering this service starting at $99 a month and that is only an introductory price for the first two months.
    This is another case of us users having to pay money for an app that does something that shopify should be including in the price we already pay of for a nominal fee.

  • Noah Kadner
    Noah Kadner
    April 04 2011, 02:58PM

    I’d be interested in this but pricing is way too high especially as an ‘trial’ offer. I’d pay maximum $19.99 a months and I’d expect at least one free month trial. Look around at other SAAS offerings- they are much cheaper and do a lot more. And I’m guessing this sort of product feed requires minimal human intervention, especially after initial setup. Rethink your business model guys.

  • Nik Walker
    Nik Walker
    July 13 2011, 08:56PM

    Yes, i agree, the price is the problem, i was going to give it a go but was advised that there is a minimum of 6 months contract $99 for the first two months then $229 per month thereafter! not willing to give it a go just yet, come on developers there is a fortune to be made here, do it right for $50 per month and i am in for a 12 month contract!

  • John Kleven
    John Kleven
    September 01 2011, 04:08PM

    I’m the owner of VersaFeed and appreciate all the valuable feedback left here.

    I wanted to comment on the pricing issue. There are definitely cheaper solutions out there but they are all self-service, not monitored, Q/A’d, categorized, or kept up to specification.

    For example, Google Merchant Center is continuously changing their specs, and we are continuously updating our clients to match those spec. Most one-off solutions will not do this.

    In addition, we actively monitor product listings to insure that your items are indeed live. It’s surprising how often people using other solutions think they are listing when in fact they are not.

    There are heaps of other small things that we do, but the sum of the whole is that when you utilize VersaFeed, you’re getting a managed solution where you don’t have to worry about shopping engines problems, period. This may not be what every merchant needs, but it definitely fits for many retailers on the market today.


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