Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay

Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay

The explosive growth of Mobile Commerce (now simply called m-commerce), should come as no surprise. The proliferation of smartphones has made purchasing over handheld devices convenient, easy, and secure. The numbers speak for themselves: According to intelligence firm Berg Insight, global smartphone shipments grew 74% from 2009 to 2010. The firm anticipates by 2015 there will be an estimated 2.8 billion smartphone users across the world, and you can bet they’ll be making purchases from their fancy little mobile devices. 

One Shopify customer who has a deep understanding of the power of m-commerce is Angry Birds. Over the last 6 months, they have sold more than 2 million plush toys... many of which through mobile devices. Simply put, mobile commerce is here to stay!

Mobile Commerce is Here to Stay

You don’t need a mobile optimized store to sell your goods via smartphone. For the most part, anyone can access your Shopify store through their iPhone, Blackberry or Android. They can browse your merchandise and even make purchases. But ordinary websites are designed to be viewed on a regular sized computer screen and may look a little awkward on a 3 inch screen. A lot of stores aren't mobile optimized. On mobile devices, viewing space is far more limited. Optimizing your website for mobile means to display it in a way so it’s easily viewable without having to scroll around a giant page. Call to actions are simplified and important buttons are enlarged so it’s easy to hit with your finger on a touchscreen.  



Within the coming months, Shopify will be unveiling special mobile optimized themes in our Theme Store. These themes will allow customers to view your Shopify store on their mobile device exactly how you intend it to viewed. 

We've also teamed up with Movylo Shop, a leading m-commerce company who have integrated their service seamlessly with Shopify. The Movylo Shop App lets Shopify merchants easily create mobile optimized stores. You simply upload your company name, logo, products (including attributes), descriptions, prices and images. Then, you can customize your mobile optimized store with choice of template, company information and even your brick-and-mortar address (if applicable) so your customers can find you when they are on the road. 

Movylo Shop also allows Shopify merchants to create unlimited impulse deals, and blast them through mobile devices, quickly, easily and efficiently. You can utilize email, text messaging and/or QR codes to promote your deals as often and as many times as you wish, all under your control. You also have access to reporting analytics for your mobile promo campaigns.



  • john
    May 03 2011, 05:21PM

    awesome! keep me posted, can’t wait for this service to be available!

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    May 03 2011, 05:35PM

    John: You got it. :-) Just to clarify, the mobile optimized themes in the Shopify Theme Store won’t be available for another month or two, but the the Movylo App is available now. Thanks for commenting!

  • Andrea
    May 03 2011, 09:18PM

    I mean, this is fantastic - but, I seriously almost at my breaking point with how much Shopify offers merchants extras to add to their store - when, in reality, they should be included with the monthly fee charge.

    This seems like a big undertaking, but I also know there are other ecommerce solutions that offer similar technology as an included feature. I feel our store pays heavily for Shopify per month with the base amount and transaction fees… and as time rolls on and we’re seeing more and more apps coming out that are pricey, it just makes me want to end our relationship with Shopify.

    Sorry for being so negative and I hope this is a very positive addition… just really hope it isn’t going to be another expensive add on :(

  • Jeff
    May 03 2011, 11:49PM

    I’m new to Shopify, but I have built a mobile optimized version of a site before that was well received. From what I can see, Shopify is lightweight enough to allow for a nicely optimized mobile version. It’s nice to see the forward thinking here, Mark.

  • Chuck Bergeron
    Chuck Bergeron
    May 04 2011, 03:13AM

    Anybody see how the Angry Birds store is doling out the different layout for mobiles? I didn’t see any @media tags in their CSS file..

    Curiosity killed this cat.

  • Stefano
    May 04 2011, 06:18AM

    Hi Mark and thanks so much to all the Shopify Team: we really look forward to helping Shopify merchants get the ebst out of mobile.
    If I could summarize the important points of mobile commerce I would say:
    1) Presentation. How you present your products in a small screen and..a lot of companies are starting to do this
    2) Promotions. How to convert a product into a mobile deal (last 5 piaces, expiring deals, top sellers, …) and the blast the promotions to mobile via SMS, email, QRcode, Faebook, Twitter, …
    3) How to make an eays check out. Paypal mobile, credit cars, call center, in store geolocalized coupon codes

    This is what we do at Movylo Shop and…we’re here to help any of your merchants willing to know more on this


  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    May 04 2011, 12:46PM

    Andrea: Thanks for voicing your concern and no need to apologize for a negative comment, I welcome all feedback! I’d be pleased to write you a full response if you shoot me an e-mail (, but in short we treat our App Store similar to how Apple treats its App store. Not every app fits everyone’s needs and you can pick and choose which work for you and your online store. Some are free, some are paid. Movylo certainly isn’t for everybody, though it is an excellent service. You should know, however, that we will be offering mobile optimized Shopify themes (free of charge) asap. Our team is hard at work putting on the finishing details.

    Jeff: Thanks! :-)

  • Khara Cartagena
    Khara Cartagena
    May 04 2011, 12:47PM

    Isn’t this an ipad and iphone game. Don’t you think that helped just a little bit?

  • Keylogger software
    Keylogger software
    May 09 2011, 05:58AM

    Need help!!
    Can anyone helps me to know which is the most advance and affordable Smartphone is available in the market?

  • Sean
    May 20 2011, 05:03PM

    Will users need to pay the monthly fee for the Movylo Shop app once mobile themes are available and implemented in our shops, or can we use one or the other?

  • Stefano
    May 31 2011, 11:02AM

    Hi Sean,
    Movylo Shop and Shopify are 2 different systems: but definetely mobile commerce is how you engage with impulse deals, limited promotions and so on…much more than just a light theme.
    Should you be interested in trying Movylo Shop with no costs and no obligation feel free to mail us and tell us you come from Shopify, thanks

  • FretleKelfriz
    June 03 2011, 12:06AM

    Ja, sennilega svo pad er

  • Rogier
    July 21 2011, 11:28PM

    I see that the Shopify store now has some themes that include a theme for mobile devices. However, will there also be mobile themes that can be added to the installed desktop theme? Which will simply be rendered when the store is accessed on a mobile device? I don’t really want to change my desktop theme in order to use a mobile theme…

  • john
    April 19 2017, 08:03AM
    Wow, Mobile Commerce. This is the Good Update.

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