Product Update: Easy Order Cancellation Button

Product Update: Easy Order Cancellation Button

In an ongoing pursuit to make Shopify as awesome as possible, we’ll be adding a few handy features over the next couple weeks.

The first of which is an order cancellation button within the Shopify User Interface. This new function will allow you to void and refund payments, restock your inventory, and even send a cancellation email to your customer all with the click of a button. No more fussing around with payment gateways!

When you click the new order cancellation button, you’ll be presented with a window similar to the one below:

 Product Update: Easy Order Cancellation Button


To further upon these options:

Void (available if the payment is authorized): Will void the authorization with the payment gateway (most of the big ones are supported) automatically.

Refund (available if the payment is captured): Will partially or fully refund back to the customer’s credit card or Paypal account. Any Shopify transaction fee will automatically be disputed and the charges will be reversed.

Restock Items: Will move the inventory back to the variants for any unfulfilled line items.

Send Email: Will send a cancellation email to the customer. We have a default template included, which can be edited on the “preferences > Email and Notifications” page. 



  • User
    May 18 2011, 08:13PM

    How will this work with Amazon Fulfillment? Amazon seems to mark items fulfilled right away (within moments) even though they might not ship the item for 2 days. Please respond.

  • Dave
    May 18 2011, 08:26PM

    Yahoooo!! Being able to refund without digging deep into paypal is huge esp since the paypal search function is so weak.

    Any chance we can look fwd to the ability to edit orders (address, products etc.)?

  • @Shopify Jonathan
    May 18 2011, 08:55PM

    User: You’ll have to manually cancel the fulfillment with Amazon if the item has already been fulfilled in Shopify. The cancel button only restocks line items that haven’t been marked as fulfilled.

  • Jesse Bellavance
    Jesse Bellavance
    May 19 2011, 08:14AM

    Great. I hate using PayPal to refund orders. Keep up the good work and please get us a Contact Page as soon as possible. The app version is not adequate and a Contact page should be a default feature provided by Shopify without paying extra. Thanks,

  • Justin Winter
    Justin Winter
    May 19 2011, 10:32AM

    Jesse: As far as the contact page Wufoo has the market cornered here and is the best contact form around. If you are low volume it is free. Just use theirs and let Shopify focus on what they do best and let Wufoo make the best form tools!

    (we use it on our site)

  • Sue Kern
    Sue Kern
    May 19 2011, 04:29PM

    Our main reason for cancelling orders is because customers choose the wrong shipping method for refrigerated food items. Is it possible to show all shipping options instead of just the default UPS Ground at checkout? They don’t seem to click on the drop-down to get to 2nd Day Air. Seeing all options would really help our customers choose the appropriate method.

  • Philip Ingram
    Philip Ingram
    May 19 2011, 04:43PM

    This feature will be available in the api too, hopefully? Actually, will we be able to create a “cancel” webhook that will be integrated in an app to pick up just cancelled orders?

  • @Shopify Jonathan
    May 19 2011, 05:02PM

    Philip: Both are already there :)

    The webhook is called ‘orders/cancelled’.

    Shopify Developer

  • Tiffany
    May 22 2011, 04:55PM

    Excellent, we don’t need this often but it will definitely save us time in the back end reconciling inventory, etc. I second the need for being able to edit orders. We often need to change the color or size of the product that was ordered…..

  • St. Hallvard
    St. Hallvard
    May 24 2011, 04:24AM

    What Tiffany said! It is much work and confusing to the customer that we have to delete and recreate an order if “all they did” was change their mind about a size or a color. Also admin-edited orders should be flagged as such.

  • philippe
    May 24 2011, 06:14AM

    hi, it will be a good feature. btw, do you know something about this beta or app feature easy login for returning customers?
    thanks and best regards from berlin

  • apu
    May 25 2011, 05:53AM

    ok…why don’t i see the Cancel Order button anywhere?
    it’s not on the orders list page and it’s not on the individual order page either.


  • @Shopify Jonathan
    May 25 2011, 10:47AM

    Phillipe: Email to get access to the beta.

    apu: If you go to an individual order page it will be one of the links at the top (next to ‘Close this order’). If the order is closed, you’ll have to re-open it first.

    Shopify Developer

  • poonam
    August 30 2011, 02:50AM

    By mistake i have refunded for the wrong order. Can i charge it again??

  • Devon
    October 23 2012, 08:25PM

    Is there a way to issue a partial refund without canceling the order. So, for example, if there is an issue with shipping or one item amongst many, we can refund part of the customer’s payment but not cancel the order?

  • john
    April 19 2017, 07:57AM

    Hopefully , This function will help Various Users once they are in certain issue.

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