Product Update: Easy Order Cancellation Button

Product Update: Easy Order Cancellation Button

In an ongoing pursuit to make Shopify as awesome as possible, we’ll be adding a few handy features over the next couple weeks.

The first of which is an order cancellation button within the Shopify User Interface. This new function will allow you to void and refund payments, restock your inventory, and even send a cancellation email to your customer all with the click of a button. No more fussing around with payment gateways!

When you click the new order cancellation button, you’ll be presented with a window similar to the one below:



To further upon these options:

Void (available if the payment is authorized): Will void the authorization with the payment gateway (most of the big ones are supported) automatically.

Refund (available if the payment is captured): Will partially or fully refund back to the customer’s credit card or Paypal account. Any Shopify transaction fee will automatically be disputed and the charges will be reversed.

Restock Items: Will move the inventory back to the variants for any unfulfilled line items.

Send Email: Will send a cancellation email to the customer. We have a default template included, which can be edited on the “preferences > Email and Notifications” page.