New Beta Launch: A Shopify Mobile App for Everyone

New Beta Launch: A Shopify Mobile App for Everyone
In more recent times, with the onset of the modern mobile device we expect to get mobile access to services we often enjoy on our home computers. One of these may be running your Shopify store from your mobile device. Currently this is only possible for those using an iPhone or iPad by way of our Shopify Mobile app, but for our other users the experience may look a little like this:

New Beta Launch: A Shopify Mobile App for Everyone

Although this is the standard admin that you would see within your regular browser, it leaves much to be desired while viewing on your mobile device.  When we're using our phones we want to be able to get to the important data, and quickly.  For a mobile device, the standard admin just doesn't cut it.  That's why we've been working on making a mobile app that will work on all platforms!  Using modern web technologies it's possible for us to provide everyone on Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry OS 6, with the ability to access their shop through a mobile optimized interface.
You don't need to install any apps or download anything to your device in order to use it.  Once you're signed up for the beta,  simply log into your Shopify admin and you will be presented with the mobile admin.  The mobile admin will provide you with quick information about new events and orders as well as all the information about your products.  In the near future you will also be able to accept payments, fulfill orders and modify products.
Interested in testing out the beta? Let us know!



  • Rick
    July 28 2011, 11:01PM

    I would love the regular admin interface to work via my iPad so that I could use the template editor to maintain stores on the run..

  • Daniel
    July 28 2011, 11:56PM

    I have the shopify iphone app and it crashes all the time, it also has very limited functionality…it would be just as easy for me to log into my store via my phone’s web browser. Only nice thing about the app is that it allows me to see live web traffic stats, whereas I am only able to see yesterday’s info on the site.

  • Martha
    July 29 2011, 12:37AM

    This looks great. But, I will love if you just worked out all the problems in the iPhone app so we can really use it. As well as Daniel, it crashes a lot. Also, the only reason why I installed it, was to get push notifications when new orders are made, this has never worked for me.

  • Stefan
    August 10 2011, 11:21AM

    when I am trying to get into the admin by the safari browser on my Iphone nothing is showing up. Only a white page?
    Is it another URL something with m like mobile?

  • Dana
    August 11 2011, 09:05AM

    So, was this just for a certain few people to try out? Says this option is turned off so I can’t request to try it. But I’d really like to so please let me know when it’s available!

  • AB
    August 11 2011, 03:52PM

    I have a Blackberry but also found that the option to sign up is turned off. I am a very good tester – I promise :D

  • AB
    August 11 2011, 03:52PM

    I have a Blackberry but also found that the option to sign up is turned off. I am a very good tester – I promise :D

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  • @Shopify csaunders
    August 19 2011, 03:33PM

    The mobile admin is now available for everyone.

    Just log in to your admin via your mobile browser and you should be redirected to the proper page.

    Try clearing your cookies and browser cache. Also, it depends on what browser/OS version you are using.

  • Darshan
    September 09 2011, 12:34AM

    hi, Is this available for Blackberry ?

  • Chris
    October 12 2011, 11:43PM

    With todays update on the iPhone iOS 5 the Dashboard isn’t working for me. Everything else is fine but I get zeros for both Page Hits and Visitors.

  • Wesley
    October 13 2013, 10:49AM

    What is the status of a mobile admin for Shopify as of 2013?

  • J
    January 17 2014, 01:08PM

    Switched from iOS to Android. There is no mobile app?! Thr iOS app was recently revamped. Do I have to jump platform back just to be able to do mobile admin?

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