Make Your Shop Mobile-Ready Today!

Make Your Shop Mobile-Ready Today!

Make Your Shop Mobile-Ready Today!

Over the past week we’ve been deploying changes to Shopify and the Theme Store to provide support for mobile themes, as described in my last blog post. Today we’re pleased to release On the Go, a mobile Shopify theme created by our very own Ryan Langlois that you can install right now for free!

When you install a mobile theme like this one from the theme store, it doesn’t replace your main theme. Instead, it is published alongside your main theme and will only be shown to visitors browsing your site from a pocket-sized device. We just installed On the Go to this Shopify-powered blog you’re reading, so if you’re browsing with your phone right now you’ll see what I mean :)

Keep an eye on the Theme Store for more mobile themes available soon!



  • Pam Hay
    Pam Hay
    August 05 2011, 12:51PM

    Wow. I feel very excited about this opportunity. Thank You!
    Sincerely, Pam

  • Chris Garner
    Chris Garner
    August 05 2011, 12:57PM

    Fantastic News! Keep up the good work.

  • tacarta
    August 05 2011, 01:03PM

    Hi James,
    we have little questions regarding to the new mobile application:
    1) Our shop requires both billing and shipping address to do the purchasing, will the mobile version of it require both forms to the customer during checkout (same as the “fixed” shop)?
    2) Does the mobile version maintain the privacy of the personal data introduced by the customer during the purchasing process?
    3) Does the mobile version work with I-pads?

    Thank you very much for your help.

  • Astar
    August 05 2011, 01:11PM

    This is fantastic! :-)

  • BH
    August 05 2011, 01:23PM

    just loaded up this new theme
    you guys are amazing
    i love shopify

  • Grant Roberts
    Grant Roberts
    August 05 2011, 01:32PM

    Absolutely superb. We haven’t quite launched our site with you guys yet, but every day I’m more impressed with Shopify.

  • Jamie
    August 05 2011, 02:24PM

    Thanks James and Ryan. Dissecting it now :-)

  • @Shopify James MacAulay
    James MacAulay
    August 05 2011, 02:43PM


    1) The checkout process is still separate from the theme system, but we’ve had a different mobile checkout for a while now. It works the same as the regular checkout, it’s just formatted for mobile devices; so there is still a checkbox which lets customers indicate if they have different shipping/billing addresses.

    2) We don’t do anything differently with the data for mobile browsers; it’s up to the particular mobile browser being used (and its security settings) how much data is saved locally.

    3) iPads are still being shown the main theme of a shop, not the mobile theme. Don’t be surprised if we add a “tablet” role in the near future, though.

  • Derek
    August 05 2011, 02:51PM

    Hi, James.
    This looks great. Is there a way to include all of my collections in the top drop-down menu rather than just the general ‘catalog’ option?

  • @Shopify James MacAulay
    James MacAulay
    August 05 2011, 02:56PM

    Derek: yes, the top menu gets its links from the “Main Menu” link list, which you can edit in the Navigation screen of your admin interface.

  • Jamie
    August 05 2011, 04:53PM

    One small teensy oversight on the theme. Anyone who has movies (youtube/vimeo) in their product description area will have invariably copy/pasted some embed code from the video service which hard-wires the video height and width into both the object and the embed. These attributes should be removed in the mobile version this is just quick and sloppy POC, I’ll have to come up with something better when I have more time:

  • Jamie
    August 05 2011, 04:54PM

    Damn, stripped my code out :(

  • Mark
    August 05 2011, 05:58PM

    I cannot see any of my drop down menus. I cannot access any of the sub menu links. How do I get that to function properly?

  • Shopaholla
    August 05 2011, 07:34PM

    Very exciting news. We’ll have our premium mobile theme ready in a few days. Has a very “native” app feel to it. Very customizable and all using jQuery mobile. Stay tuned!

  • Gemma
    August 05 2011, 11:29PM

    so as I am a technology moron, if i have my own designed banner etc on my shopify store – will everything look exactly the same on the mobile version ?? so all work and look the same?

  • Jon
    August 06 2011, 01:07AM

    The moment I installed it I could no longer view my main site getting a shopify error page. I went into the theme to publish it as mobile theme but got the red footer error saying it could not be published due to my theme.liquid… couldn’t read the whole message because it disappeared quite quickly. Using ‘Elegant’ dark grey theme. Have uninstalled for now and my site came back straight away. Look forward to trying if I can get it to work but site due to launch soon so will focus on the core stuff for now :)

  • Enzo
    August 06 2011, 10:57AM

    Awesome theme. Quick question, so all I need to do is install the theme and it will run along side my ‘main theme’? Or do i need to activate the double theme mode?

  • @Shopify Ryan
    August 09 2011, 02:18PM

    There were a few problems with the linklist setup that have been fixed now. You can grab a fresh copy from the Theme Store.

    I also added a whole bunch of Translation support if you want to customize the translation / copy on your mobile theme.

    @Jamie: thanks, I will look into fixing the embedded video issue.

    @Gemma: any non theme-related assets will appear on the mobile version of your theme. ie. if you’ve uploaded images to your product descriptions, they will be shown on the mobile theme.

    @Jon: you should be able to apply it as your mobile theme directly from the Theme Store. Otherwise try downloading the .zip file and uploading it from the Theme Manager.

    @Enzo: you can automatically apply the theme as your mobile theme directly from the Theme Store. It won’t affect your main theme.

  • Juan Carlos
    Juan Carlos
    August 22 2011, 07:50PM

    Great job! Anyway, when I switch to the regular site on my iPhone, I can’t get back to the mobile theme… Is there a way to reset it to mobile? Thx. JC

  • Lisa
    October 31 2011, 06:56PM

    Thanks Ryan, this theme is great; really quick and simple to deploy. I also get the problem that Juan is experiencing – when I switch to the regular site from my phone I can’t get the mobile site back; have you found a fix for that yet? Also is there any way I can add my logo to the top bar and also force my logo to be the button that’s displayed when you add it to the home screen? Thanks

  • John McGovern
    John McGovern
    March 07 2012, 06:32PM

    How do we get back to the iPhone site after switching to the main site by accident whilst viewing on an iPhone?

  • Michael David
    Michael David
    July 29 2012, 11:04PM

    Also keen to know how a user gets back to the iPhone site after switching to the main site.

  • Dreb
    April 05 2013, 03:59AM

    Too bad the link is no longer available. There seems to be no mobile theme for free available on the theme store for us to try/play with.

  • Ivan
    June 04 2013, 02:57PM

    Here is a zip file to the on-the-go theme. It works on the iPhone but doesn’t resize well on other devices. In any case – it’s worth a go until a ‘free’ version is released. Enjoy –

  • dc
    February 14 2014, 01:45AM

    Ivan’s download is now 404 as well. Shopify — great product if you never want to sell anything on smartphones. :(

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