Store Owner Interview: The Wallee and Pix & Stix

Store Owner Interview: The Wallee and Pix & Stix

 Store Owner Interview: The Wallee and Pix & Stix

In this week's interview with a successful Shopify store owner I interview Alon Tamir, owner of two Shopify stores.

Alon's first Shopify store was The Wallee, an iPad case with a twist. The Wallee has a space on the back that allows it to attach to various mounts. For his newest product, Pix & Stix, Alon launched the Shopify store before production began and used pre-orders to finance the eventual production.

Given Alon's experience with outsourced manufacturing and distribution, I tried to focus on those topics in the interview. We also talk about The Wallee's recent partnership with another company which helped expand their reach, why he offers free shipping on all orders and ecommerce in Australia.



  • Adam Baumgartner
    Adam Baumgartner
    September 06 2011, 12:50PM

    Really great stuff. Love hearing about your travels to china and ideas on outsourcing fulfillment.

  • Roy Shojaati
    Roy Shojaati
    March 09 2013, 02:29PM

    I love to hear success stories. it motivates me as well.

    It sounds so easy to set up and start and you see yourself doing it too.

    I did it also. I started setting up my store 2.5 months ago. from watching all the advertisement videos I figured whole bunch of nice, young, energetic & smart gurus waiting to help you to kick start your stor, but that was a dream.

    yes my friends. if U would like to open a store, count on doing it alone and spend at least 3-4 months to learn and modify and understand the theme that u choose. U will not get the help from the Shopify. oh..u get, but just like a comedy 1 liners….or a referal to a video. Don’t they think we watch & read b4 contacting them??!!!

    Anyways..i think shopify is great if you can access the LIVE help center to get you going. Unforetunately, some excellent ideas will go down the drain with some uncaring customer service. That will make or break any business.

    Love u all….shopify customer in making


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