How to Use Your 'About' Page to Increase Ecommerce Sales

How to Use Your 'About' Page to Increase Ecommerce Sales


The 'about' section of your online store is extremely important and if used correctly will increase sales. 

Ecommerce shoppers are increasingly interested in products for more than just utility. Customers want to buy from companies with meaning and a compelling story. They want to know more about who they are buying from and the burden of supplying that information falls, in most cases, on a single web page. The ubiquitous 'about' page often goes overlooked on ecommerce sites, yet it wields an ever expanding role in online shopping.

When crafting your 'about' page, the focus should be on delivering the most compelling, and honest, company story. Your company story should highlight different elements for different purposes. Customers want to know that they are doing business with another human being not with a computer. The people in your story help let your customers know that when they give you money, they will get the promised item or service in return. The narrative and context, on the other hand, give them a compelling truth that they can share if their feelings are aligned with yours. Both components are absolutely necessary. 

Here are 8 ways to optimize your 'about' page to engage your customers and increase sales:

Don't Over Think It

Writing your 'about' page shouldn't be as difficult as people make it out to be. You don't need to make a mission statement. You don't need to outline your 10 company values. You're not making a pitch to get a loan or fund your company. You are simply letting your customers know who you are and how you came to do whatever it is you do.

Share the Whole Story

Your company story should be written just like any other great story. It needs to contain a past, present, and future. First off, many customers really enjoy learning about the backstory. They want to hear what your founders did before they started the company and what paths led them to where they are now. Then, customers certainly want to know what is currently happening with your company. Tell them about the products you sell and how others have responded to them. Finally, you should give them some hint as to where the company is headed. A simple line will let them know that you are constantly working to make your products more useful and more reliable. They want to make sure you aren't going to abandon the product they love.

Highlight Your People

The people you work with are the easiest way to connect with customers. Don't be afraid to recognize the talent behind the work you do. Customers want to see who it is that packages their boxes and answers their email. It makes everything you do seem more human and more relatable. Give your staff the room they deserve and make sure they are part of your company story.

Sprinkle in Some Hard Facts

People love to share little facts about the products they use. Twitter is constantly filled with customers tweeting tidbits of information about brands that they love. Your 'about' page should give them something to talk about. A simple "facts" section or a few nuggets of information scattered throughout your story can help put what you do into easily shareable chunks. Your company knows the facts that make it special. Don't be afraid to share a few of them.

Write in Your Company's Natural Voice 

Your story should sound the same as your support emails and social media pushes. Don't use jargon that people wouldn't find in your regular communications. The whole point of your story is to paint an awesome picture of who your company is. Don't let the voice you write in send a message that contradicts the content.

Let it be More Than Just Text

Although it's possible to make an amazing 'about' page that uses nothing but text, it certainly isn't ideal. You should use all of the resources at your disposal when telling your story. Photos, videos, illustrations, quotes, and links can all enhance your 'about' page. If your product is one that is very visual, you could use product shots or photos of your workspace to tell a richer story. If you make a B2B product, then testimonials might be an effective addition to your 'about' page. When working to integrate these elements, remember to include only that which actually adds value to your story. Do not simply throw in a photo gallery because you can, do it because it makes sense in the narrative your are drafting.

Be Authentic

This has to be the most important thing to keep in your mind while drafting your 'about' page. If you want to build a base of supportive customers, it's important to be honest with them about who you are and what you actually do. Customers who believe your story will buy your products, read your emails, fill out your surveys, spread the word, and understand when something takes an extra day to ship out. Do yourself, and your company, a favor by staying honest and being authentic.

Update it Constantly

It's also important that you don't let your 'about' page go stale. The last thing you want is someone getting outdated information. A customer who is interested in learning about your company should never get information that contradicts your actions or your products. Set a reminder in your calendar to take a look every month or two just to be sure everything is still relevant and correct.


With these couple tips in mind, hopefully you can better express the things that make your company awesome. If you don't yet have an 'about' page, really spend some time figuring out the best way to convey your story before pushing it live. If you already do have one, try implementing some of these tips and you'll likely be surprised by the positive response.


These are 'about' pages that show the potential of telling your company story. You should take a look at them:


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    Dan Auns
    July 04 2013, 11:51AM

    Great post Rusty. To reinforce the significance of this page, let’s have a look at the data.

    In GA (Or analytics tool of choice) …. build a custom segment to include sessions that include transactions + visits to the About Us page. Compare this to other segments. Interesting.

    Visiting the About Us page is a massive purchasing indicator, these folks are doing their homework on your prior to making a purchase. What do you want to say to them?

    So much effort is spent on abandon tactics, trying to end around folks who abandon carts …..there are green green pastures of purchasing signals before the cart that can be capitalized on too. This post is exactly how to do that.

    Lesson learned: Folks who visit About Us pages, are moments away from being customers. Fact.

  • Richard
    September 22 2015, 10:35AM

    Excellent article – completely redesigned our About Us page after reading it.

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    kristin spear
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    Hi! love the pages you suggested however what I don’t see is a template to “design” the About Us page. It seems like the usual fill in text, add in picture (center, left, right) and these pages seem very designed. Is this writing code? an app? I am assuming it’s not actual text combined with the pictures so you get the SEO value from it correct- versus creating a designed document with pictures and inserting the whole thing into the About Us section in Shopify. Thanks!

  • Martina
    February 26 2017, 02:18PM

    Hi, nice article – but I was going to write exactly the same as Kristin did! I would like to integrate a nice video, picture and text, but all I can do is write a chunk of text into the page block. It’s horrible! How can I fix this? I don’t code, but was hoping to find some HTML template on the web. I could then get around the issue and make it work. But no luck so far!
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