Free $50 in Facebook Ad Credits for Shopify Stores

Free $50 in Facebook Ad Credits for Shopify Stores


We have partnered with Facebook to offer all existing and new Shopify merchants $50 in free Facebook Ad Credits - as long as you haven't advertised with Facebook yet. This is in addition to the $100 in Google AdWords credits, and $100 in Amazon Product Ads credits Shopify store owners also receive.

Facebook advertising is a great way to drive quality traffic to your ecommerce store. You can deliver highly targeted ads and sponsored stories to specific interest groups, age groups, genders, cities, and more.

How To Redeem Facebook Ad Credits

To redeem your Facebook Ad Credit, simply look under the Promotions tab in your admin panel:

How To Redeem Facebook Ad Credits

Click on the 'Generate your $50 Facebook Ads credit' button and your unique promo code will appear. Save your code, then click on the link that says 'using these instructions,' and follow the steps to redeem. Please note, if you're still in your free 30 day trial, you can still redeem your credit, but you need to have picked a Shopify plan. Also, credits are for new Facebook Advertising accounts only.

To make the most of your Facebook Ad Credits, check out these 6 practical tips on how to run a successful Facebook ad campaign.



  • Liz
    July 31 2012, 10:53AM

    Facebook says I’m ineligible to redeem the coupon code generated – is this only available to those who don’t already use Facebook ads?

  • Eric M
    Eric M
    July 31 2012, 10:55AM

    You guys over at shopify just keep delivering. Thank you.

  • Nasreen
    July 31 2012, 11:17AM

    Why cant i see this option to get fb credits in my admin > promotions ?

  • KH
    July 31 2012, 11:23AM

    I got the same message as Liz. Looks like it’s only for new Facebook advertisers.

  • Nathan Rothstein
    Nathan Rothstein
    July 31 2012, 12:44PM

    When I tried to redeem the code, it says it has expired or not valid

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    July 31 2012, 12:56PM

    Hey Guys,

    Just to clarify, indeed – these Facebook Ad Credits are only redeemable by Shopify merchants who open a new FB Ad account. Same goes for the Google AdWords, and Amazon Product Ad credits.

    Sorry to have to leave out existing FB advertisers on this one! It’s a special promotion that due to strict FB regulations we’re unable to offer to everyone.

    If new advertisers are having difficulty redeeming their codes, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to help!

  • Kaushik
    July 31 2012, 01:43PM

    I don’t see this under my promotions tab – all I see, is the standard layout with options where I can create discount coupons for my site. Nothing about Facebook, nada.

  • eDealify
    July 31 2012, 02:37PM

    Facebook Ads can be redeemed to New Facebook Ads Account, not on new facebook account. Yet it is redeemable to new FB account, but New FB Ads account is compulsory. I redeemed my FB Coupon to my 4 Yr Old account, but i created New Ads first time so my FB Ads Account is New. Same Applies to Google Adwords.

  • Chris
    July 31 2012, 04:43PM

    Where is the ‘Generate your $50 Facebook Ads credit’ located?

  • James
    July 31 2012, 05:54PM

    Its amazing how upset some people are getting about this. This is how all ad coupons work. I work in the industry, and trust me nobody gives ad credits away to existing advertisers. Anyways, if the blame is to go anywhere (which it shouldn’t) it should go to Facebook for not allowing ecommerce companies to give credits to existing advertisers.

  • Misty
    July 31 2012, 11:28PM

    I believe the idea for new ad users only is so that we can get a feel of how the ads work and if they work. If you are already an ad user, then you already know this information. Its like trying to sell a new toothpaste to someone who has already used it several times. Why do they need a sample, they have already tried it. I’m excited about this coupon because i have always wondered how effective FB ads are. Thanks Shopify!!!

  • Lloyd
    August 01 2012, 12:21AM

    I already used my code 3 days ago and gained 100 fans using it :) Thanks Shopify!

  • Vakas
    August 01 2012, 03:17AM

    @Mark Hayes, i am not even able to see this option in my admin panel under promotions… where it is? Forget about new FB Ad account that i understood, i am asking where it is here in my admin…

  • Hooray Hanger
    Hooray Hanger
    August 01 2012, 04:07AM


    I am a new ad maker but it seems to have charged me 67 NZ $ to my pay pal.. and it says code is not reedemable! Please help! I can’t afford that with my little facebook page!

  • Hooray Hanger
    Hooray Hanger
    August 01 2012, 04:08AM

    Sorry it just worked! Thanks guys! Once the code runs out though how do I stop paying for the ad? – someone please help!!! <3

  • Sarah
    August 02 2012, 04:29PM

    Great promo, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere on the dashboard. Am I missing something?

  • Winston Tan
    Winston Tan
    August 05 2012, 05:53AM

    you can create a new facebook account to redeem the voucher then create adds to link to your old facebook page after fully redeem then delete , save your money

  • sanny
    September 25 2012, 11:59PM

    i already create account at shopify but can’t find the voucher free for facebook ad. Please help

  • raj
    April 05 2013, 04:28PM

    I newly started a FB page under my already existing page but still i dont see a n option to get the FB ad coupon. Can you please help me.

  • Ben
    May 02 2013, 12:57AM

    Thanks, applying it now! I hear that social traffic generally converts quite poorly, except for a few specific industries like fashion, so I am interested to see how it goes for our unique handmade woodwork collections….

  • Fakhrul Alam
    Fakhrul Alam
    August 12 2013, 09:35AM

    Is this still available.. waiting for reply

  • Michal
    October 18 2013, 05:22AM

    Hi, that was an awesome article about Ad credit.
    I am also using a tool, which can export FB user ID’s for example, from yours competitors FB page –
    Very useful tool for me.

  • Aengus
    December 18 2013, 02:54AM

    Thanks Victoria,
    I spent about 10 minutes looking for it ;(


  • Ant
    December 30 2013, 03:22AM

    I am a new ad user at facebook but couldn’t use my fb code as well. They make it so ‘difficult’. I tried keying in my code a few times but won’t work and there is no way to check if the code is activated. It expires by the end of December 31st 2013. How do you check if the code is activated?

    May 10 2014, 01:20PM


  • kavi
    May 18 2014, 06:19AM

    I signed up with shopify and I am currently on the unlimited plan, setting up everything and I wanted to take advantage of the facebook offer to save on advertising but still building interest. However, i cannot find the tab you are talking about nor any offers! why? can you help me please?

  • Ganja
    June 04 2014, 11:31AM

    Where is the ‘Generate your $50 Facebook Ads credit’ located?

  • Franklin Hargreaves
    Franklin Hargreaves
    June 16 2014, 07:39AM

    You can now find it under the ‘Discounts’ tab when you scroll to the bottom.

  • KC
    July 06 2014, 05:05AM

    hello. My coupon doesn’t state the amount of Facebook Ad credits. How do I check how much credits I have? Do I have to use all the credits on one advertising campaign or am I able to spread them over a few campaigns?

  • anisha
    August 01 2014, 08:18AM

    My store name is flutterbows. I availed the facebook credits ( that shopify provides) in my facebook ad. My amount for the ad was 500Rs. and i get credit worth 50$ from shopify , yet amount has been deducted from my bank account. I have reedemed the code and also entered it while making the payment.

    Why am i charged even after redeeming the cupon??

    Kindly revert

  • Peter Vu
    Peter Vu
    August 17 2014, 11:04PM


    1. Coupons’ expiry date: 30 days after delivery. Facebook Ads Credit will valid 90 days after.

    2. Use only for NEW Facebook Ads Account less than 14 days old that NEVER used coupon/voucher before.

    3. Only 1 code per 1 Account & per UNIQUE Credit card.

    4. Works Worldwide

    Quantity is very LIMITED.

    Coupon $50 Facebook Ads for $7 in here :

  • Xie woang
    Xie woang
    September 04 2014, 04:48AM

    coupon bing ads 100$ very cheap only 2$

  • Ashleigh
    September 10 2014, 07:07AM

    I keep getting a “There are no Facebook ad credits available” message :-(
    Is there a tutorial to redeem your ad credits for dummies anywhere?

  • dan
    October 18 2014, 02:54PM

    where can you find the promo code? :)

  • Tony
    November 04 2014, 08:30PM

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  • cooponer
    November 24 2014, 02:44PM

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