9 Fresh New Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More

9 Fresh New Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More


Today, we're announcing 9 powerful new Shopify Apps that will help you sell more. In this App Store Showcase, every app includes a free trial - allowing you to try their service before committing to a purchase. 

If you don't know already, the Shopify App Store is a collection of plugins (apps) that extend the functionality of your ecommerce store. We've got almost 200 apps for online store owners to choose from and we're adding new ones every week.

Here are 9 brand new Shopify Apps for you to check out, along with a special featured app at the bottom: 

9 Fresh New Shopify Apps to Help You Sell More


Free for 14 Days, $15 - $60 / Month 

PlugMyEvent allows you to sell tickets to events through your Shopify storefront. PlugMyEvent allows you to schedule events, create different ticket types, email attendees with updates, and export a guest list to use on the night of the event. It's a must-have app for musicians playing shows, artists with gallery showcases, and anything else that involves selling tickets. PlugMyEvent was developed in partnership with the Shopify App Fund, our $1,000,000 program for helping developers build stellar apps for our merchants.




Prevent cart abandonment with targeted emails to customers who leave your site without checking out. 100% free for unlimited emails. 

View your ecommerce stores traffic and revenue data over time, and use Lexity's powerful analytics to find trends to maximize your marketing efforts. 

Lexity Live Archive

Spin Studio

Free - $29.95 / Month

Easily create and manage 360° views of your products and display them on your product listings. Ecommerce product photography is really important while your potential customers are considering a purchase. Spin Studio lets you showcase your products in a unique way, giving customers a better understanding of what your product is like.

Spin Studio


Free for 30 Days, $29.00 - $299 / Month

Identify what sites, web searches, and ads are generating the purchases on your shop using Improvely’s all-in-one marketing dashboard.




Increase customer confidence with a free BuySafe badge, indicating that you’re a reputable online business.


Ventata Pricing Engine

Free - $200 / Month

Run fully automated pricing experiments on your ecommerce shop to determine the perfect price point for your products to maximize revenue.

Ventata Pricing Engine


Free for 14 Days, $49 - $249 / Month

Run powerful and customized email marketing and gain insight into your customers, all from a beautifully designed dashboard.




View analytics for your online store, including traffic trends, easily and for free right from your iPhone.




Free for 15 Days, $19 - $99 / Month

Ordoro is a seamless inventory syncing and shipping management solution. New eBay inventory syncing makes it easier than ever to keep inventory in sync between your multiple selling channels.


  • Jessica Rabbit
    Jessica Rabbit
    September 21 2012, 03:32PM

    Loving all these free apps shopify, keep them coming!

  • Jeffrey Vocell - Trendslide
    Jeffrey Vocell - Trendslide
    September 21 2012, 04:59PM

    Thanks for the mention Shopify! We’re proud to be working with Shopify stores and love being able to help owners and executives get KPI’s right on their mobile device.

  • Gavin
    September 22 2012, 06:41AM


  • AyeGear
    September 22 2012, 09:03AM

    Shame the BuySafe app is only restricted to US. There should be similar ones for UK.

  • Julie
    September 23 2012, 05:59AM

    I agree, there should be a buysafe equivilant for uk stores.

  • David Lambert
    David Lambert
    September 24 2012, 12:36AM

    I am sick and tired of apps advertising the word “free” then finding out the trial is free and the price is unaffordable.

  • @Shopify Mark Hayes
    Mark Hayes
    September 24 2012, 09:33AM

    Thanks for the comments guys!

    David Lambert: Which apps are listed as “free” that aren’t actually “free”? It’s important to note that all these apps have “free trials” which lets you try their service, after which, you have to cancel (without paying) or start paying for the service.


  • Greg Wells
    Greg Wells
    September 28 2012, 08:50PM

    Totally agree with David, there is a huge difference between a free app (one for which you pay nothing to use, or at least pay nothing for limited functionality) and a free trial which leads to a subscription. It’s tiring to read about a new app, think you might want to install it and then see you have to pay in 30 days time if you don’t cancel.

    Don’t get me wrong there are many great free or cheap apps such as Abandon, Happy Ending, SumAll and ShopiMap that enhance the Shopify experience. However some just seem to be a waste of money for stuff you could easily do yourself very quickly.

    Look for apps that are free or very cheap that add to Shopify features, most small stores don’t need to be paying $240-$360 a year for apps. Of the apps here I’d consider Coolence and Lexity if I didn’t already have other apps doing this.

    After reading the new apps announcement on my dashboard I was quite excited but, apart from maybe SpinStudio, seeing what’s on offer now seems disappointing.

    What I’d really like to see is an app that lets you set shipping by product and country.

  • David Lambert
    David Lambert
    October 24 2012, 05:35PM

    Are there any Shopify apps that will sell my products on a commission basis?
    David’s Delicious Chocolates

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