Point Of Sale (POS) Software Uses And Applications

Point Of Sale (POS) Software Uses And Applications
The speed at which point of sale (POS) software is evolving is significant. If you've been in an Apple Store lately you'll have noticed the days of clunky old cash registers are long gone. Brick and mortar retailers are moving toward leaner systems that operate on tablets and smartphones, not complicated systems that cost thousands of dollars. 
But it's not just retail stores that are interested in POS systems - ecommerce store owners who sell at craft fairs, trade shows, and farmers markets are also in need of inexpensive and easy-to-use point of sale solutions. Setting up a POS with your Shopify store is easy. Here are some of the basics: 

What is Point Of Sale (POS) Software?

POS software is what brick and mortar retailers use to conduct sales. It's sometimes a cash register, computer, or even an iPad where cashiers input your products, tally the cost, and conduct the financial transaction. Most POS software will also communicate with inventory levels to keep everything in balance. A lot of big box stores have wildly expensive POS solutions, some of which were custom built for their needs. Smaller retailers are moving away from these traditional POS systems and toward cloud based point of sale solutions. 

What is Cloud Based Point Of Sale Software?

This is the newest trend in point of sale software, and is quickly growing in popularity. This system can be accessed directly from the Internet and is often compatible with most POS hardware (cash drawers, printers, etc.) Cloud based POS systems are less expensive, and they're convenient because merchants can access customer data from anywhere with an Internet connection. This is great if you're a small business who sells in a brick and mortar store, ecommerce store, and also does the occasional trade show or flea market. When you use a cloud based POS and link it up to your Shopify store your inventory automatically adjusts. 

Moving Your Brick and Mortar Store Online

We hear from brick and mortar retail stores looking to sell their goods online all the time. It's easier than most people think. 
Last year we went to a store called Taylor Stitch. They're a popular handmade shirt boutique in San Francisco. Taylor Stitch uses Shopify coupled with two easy-to-use apps to run their entire business. They use Shopify as their ecommerce software, Vend as their cloud-based point of sale software, and Xero as their accounting software. Here is a video we made while we were there: 

Point Of Sale Shopify Apps

Shopify merchants have a couple point of sale apps that they can choose from. Either one of these will help brick and mortar retailers switch to an easier to use and more affordable POS. It will also help ecommerce store owners setup a point of sale system that they can use to sell at trade shows, farmers markets, and anywhere else they can make a sale.
Point Of Sale Shopify Apps

Vend Point Of Sale Software

Vend is a web based point of sale and stock management system that integrates seamlessly with Shopify. It works just like any POS you'll find in a retail store, but because it's cloud based point of sale software (runs in a web browser) it works on any computer or iPad in the world. Vend has tons of awesome features, including the ability to keep working offline in the event of losing your Internet connection. 

Here's an example of what your point of sale display will look like: 

Vend Point Of Sale Software

Vend has a free 30 day trial you can check out here

Vend Point Of Sale Software

ShopKeep Point Of Sale Software

ShopKeep is another popular POS and stock management system app that is available in our app store. ShopKeep is all about simplicity and awesome free customer support. With this point of sale software, Shopify merchants can scan barcodes, accept cash or credit cards, and print or email receipts to customers. This app focuses on iPad POS terminals and even offers all the basic hardware you may need to get started: receipt printer, paper, iPad stand, cash drawers, and more.

ShopKeep Point Of Sale Software

ShopKeep has a free 30 day trial you can check out here

For a list of all our POS vendors that integrate with Shopify, see here


  • denise leclair
    denise leclair
    November 08 2012, 10:55PM

    So if I was interested in this for my current Shopify store is there someone on your staff that I could talk to?

  • Michael
    November 08 2012, 11:12PM

    Check out Lettuce (http://apps.shopify.com/lettuce) – it has helped our business grow dramatically. Lettuce eliminates data entry and has made our order fulfillment process 100x faster.

    Lettuce also has a great iPad app and seems to do everything Vend and Xero do but in it simple place.

  • Bergstrom Originals
    Bergstrom Originals
    November 13 2012, 09:42AM

    Vend and Shopify are a great combo! It was the combination that took my 9 year bricks and mortar business into online sales! Love how mobile it all is!

  • Young Buck
    Young Buck
    November 21 2012, 10:14AM

    I’ve used both Shopkeep and Vend. One key thing to be aware of is that Shopkeep does not support variants, ie, size/color. It was started by a guy that ran a wine shop, so this is understandable. We currently use Vend, but beware: these are young companies. Both products are plagued with annoying bugs. Not many alternatives though at the moment that integrate with Shopify. I would love to see a shopify-centered POS app that draws it’s inventory from Shopify directly. Neither Shopkeep or Vend come close to Shopify’s ease of use on the admin side. Some retailer’s I’ve spoken with, just ditch the integration and manage their inventory some other way. I mean, if you’re at a craft fair, this isn’t a monumental task. We have 3000 SKUs, so it kind of is for us :)

  • Bizelo
    November 28 2012, 02:17PM

    Vend is definitely a growing company and we’re happy that Shopify and Vend are working together. We all have to keep in mind that all merchants have different preferences. One platform or product may work better for one merchant than it would for another merchant.

  • dharamraj
    December 04 2012, 08:28AM

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  • Alzira Araujo
    Alzira Araujo
    December 04 2012, 08:58AM
    would love to see a shopify-centered POS app that draws it’s inventory from Shopify directly.


  • Janis Krums
    Janis Krums
    December 26 2012, 10:03PM

    Am researching this right now and when I spoke to Shopkeep last week they told me that they no longer support Shopify integration and don’t have plans to add it.

    Looks like the only option that has full integration is Vend.

    If I’m wrong can someone let me know. Thanks.

  • james1smith
    January 09 2013, 05:51AM

    These rates are made possible through Lavu’s recent integration with the SAIL payment-as-service platform,accept cash or credit cards, and print

  • EasyNow Software
    EasyNow Software
    January 11 2013, 04:51AM

    If you are looking for an affordable and complete POS system for retailers, check out SellEasyNow: http://www.easynowsoftware.com/selleasynow-product-info/

    Starting at $199,00 this software has the best price / feature comparison on the market !

  • Hitechregister
    January 18 2013, 08:54AM

    ShopKeep is all about simplicity and awesome free customer support.

    Read more: http://www.shopify.com/blog/6809394-point-of-sale-pos-software-uses-and-applications#ixzz2IKqHe7Hw

  • Hitechregister
    January 28 2013, 06:23AM

    more information pos.

  • Chapin
    March 01 2013, 01:58PM

    Shopkeep does NOT support Shopify any more.

    They have no e-commerce options at all now.

    Might want to update this page!!!

  • MKP Software
    MKP Software
    May 16 2013, 02:58PM

    Shopify Integration to QuickBooks POS is now available with my Shopify Integrator. http://apps.shopify.com/shopify-integrator. For simple QuickBooks support see http://apps.shopify.com/shoplink-qb

    For more info and other integration options go to http://mkpsoftware.com



  • Julie @ SalesVu
    Julie @ SalesVu
    May 21 2013, 02:36AM

    Hi Mark, Good information on cloud based POS. Your video made is more easy. Thanks

  • Michael
    May 22 2013, 05:50PM

    If your looking for something a little more robust (and free!) check out http://www.Evendra.com

  • Accounts
    August 24 2013, 10:38PM

    Does Vend integrate with the Australian version of Reckon Accounts?

  • Robin
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  • sunlitmerchant
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