What's New With Shopify for iPhone


At Shopify, we’re always working to take our products to the next level. Today we’re excited to announce Shopify for iPhone version 3.4 – with more added features and functionality than ever. We’ve updated the dashboard design, added new product management features, and made it easier to run multiple stores on your phone.

As always, the app let’s you:

  • Get push notifications to your phone every time a new order comes in.
  • Send shipping notifications to customers right from the post office.
  • Fulfill an order from your car, a coffee shop, or the airport.
  • Call or email a customer in one easy step.

But now we’ve made Shopify for iPhone even better. Keep reading for all the details.

Update 1: New Dashboard

Update 1: New Dashboard

Tracking trends in your sales is a great way to see what’s working and what isn’t, so that you can tweak your business strategies accordingly. Shopify for iPhone now lets you track your shop’s progress by the week or month, giving you a bigger-picture look at how your store is doing.

We’ve also updated the dashboard to reflect Shopify 2 – the brand new Shopify admin that’s in beta now. This faster, more intuitive mobile dashboard lets you monitor the status of your store on the go, while being remarkably similar to your new desktop admin.

Update 2: Edit Products

Shopify for iPhone v3.4 makes it possible to edit products from your iPhone. You can add new products on the go by heading to the product list from the main menu and tapping the add button. You can also update inventory numbers for all your product variants directly from the detail screen.

Update 2: Edit Products

Additionally, it’s now possible to take and upload product photos right from your phone. Add photos to new or existing products, and easily change their order by dragging to rearrange.

Update 3: Multiple Accounts

The iPhone app now supports numerous accounts: you can run more than one shop on your iPhone. For example, if you have 3 Shopify stores, you can manage all 3 from the same iPhone app. It’s easy to add a new account right from the settings screen.

Update 3: Multiple Accounts

Additionally, your shop can be managed from multiple phones. Your employees can download the app and use their iOS devices to run your store the same way they would with staff accounts on the desktop admin.


Shopify for iPhone makes it easier than ever to run your store on the go. And as always, the Shopify for iPhone App is completely free.


To download the app, click on the button below: