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Designer, Marketing UX

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Specialty UX and Design

About the role

Designers are an integral part of evolving and defining how we represent Shopify to the world. Working directly with a diverse team of Brand and Marketing specialists to grow the number of customers using Shopify and the reach of Shopify the brand.

You’re the primary advocate for people considering Shopify, helping them discover Shopify features and resources to realize their entrepreneurial potential. You’ll work on multiple types of projects, for various audiences, you’ll have to be good at managing your time and priorities as well as resourceful and flexible.

We are a friendly, collaborative team, who leave their ego at the door, focussed on creating high-quality experiences that grow Shopify above everything else. We've put together a small showcase of recent projects to help give you an understanding of the types of work the UX team produces for Brand, Communications, Growth, and Marketing teams at Shopify.

You’ll be working with:

  • Product Marketing
  • Brand & Communications
  • Growth
  • Content Marketing
  • Social
  • PR
  • And more

You'll need to have:

  • A passion for solving design problems while wearing multiple hats and owning all facets of design (content strategy, wireframing, art direction, and interaction design)
  • Proficiency with design & prototyping tools (Sketch, Photoshop, etc), as well as knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • A scrappy, resourceful approach to projects - you’re proactive and great at self assigning tasks.
  • You have a soft spot for the end user - advocating for them in all areas of your work is core to what you do. This user empathy that helps you prioritize experience, trust building and long term success over short term gains.
  • An interest in building scalable design systems that can respond to the needs of a global audience
  • A distaste for lorem ipsum - you should have a strong point of view on the correct content strategy
  • An understanding that great experiences come from collaborative decision-making with front-end developers, engineers, researchers, content strategists, and other disciplines
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