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Director of Technical Education, R&D

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Specialty Engineering and Development

About the role

We’re looking for an accomplished developer with a passion for education and a track record of building successful training programs at scale. 

Shopify is hiring a senior leader who will own all of our technical education programs for R&D. These programs will support engineers, UX team members, and data scientists at every stage of their career: from post-secondary education, to early careers, to continued professional development along the way.

The sky's the limit for this role, with opportunities to make an international impact on the education and development of Shopify teams around the world. Sound exciting? Read on.

About the job:

You will form and run all educational programs for our R&D teams at Shopify. 

Half of your role will be devoted to Dev Degree, our work-integrated learning program that allows students to work on Shopify development teams in parallel with their university studies. We’ve seen incredible early success with this program, but we know that so much more is possible — and it will be up to you to scope, scale, and execute on opportunities for this program. With the financial and educational support provided to each of our Dev Degree students, you will help make a massive difference in their lives, and build a supportive environment for graduates to join the Shopify team as full-time team members.

The other half of your role will be dedicated to our internal education programs. That includes R&D Camp, our unique on-boarding program for all new R&D folks worldwide. You’ll be responsible for ensuring each of our new employees has all of the context and tools they need to get up to speed and make a massive impact on their new team. You’ll also work on initiatives like R&D Summit, our annual internal conference bringing together our engineering teams for workshops and talks to share the best of what other Shopifolk have figured out.

In everything you do, you will foster a community of learning, professional development, and continual growth. You will work closely with various teams to create unique learning experiences, product development workflows, and strategic ideas to continually evolve our teams.

In summary, you will be a connector, a motivator, an educator, and a visionary who helps ensure that the R&D future of Shopify thrives.

No pressure.

About you:

  • You are (or have been) a developer. You’ve built software before, and you’re comfortable picking up a laptop and building code or you are a frustrated head of a computer science or similar department and have a vision for experiential education and hands-on learning.
  • You’ve founded, or have built and grown companies before. You have a deep understanding of how companies run and understand large-scale business operations.
  • You appreciate the value of a growth mindset culture, where you’re never done learning, and nothing is ever “good enough". Ideally, you’ve worked closely with universities before — you understand systematically how they grow, and know how to hack them for improved results (Dev Degree will thank you).
  • You’ve started something (or multiple things) from scratch that has noticeably improved the way technical team members work.
  • You have a successful track record of managing high-functioning technical teams.
  • You have developed and managed strategic partnerships that have made a big impact on various programs.

How to apply

If you’re struggling to stay in your seat right now, amped up by how much this sounds like you and how ready you are for this challenge, we want to hear from you. To show us why we should hire you, send us your portfolio. We want to see examples of the impact you’ve had in previous roles or projects. Thanks for your interest, and good luck!

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