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Production Engineering Lead - Edgescale - Edge and Infrastructure

Job post summary
Specialty Engineering and Development

About the role

As part of the Shopify Production Engineering organization, the Edgescale team has the mandate to architect, build and maintain the edge infrastructure required to make commerce better for everyone while protecting the platform from bots and other forms of attacks (e.g. DoS).

The Edgescale team has been supporting the network requirements of both our data centers and cloud environments during the migration of the Shopify platform from co-located data centers to GKE. Our upcoming work will continue to evolve our edge network to better support the scale needed for flash sales and Black Friday Cyber Monday (BFCM) traffic in the cloud.

Why/How you will have an impact

As Shopify (and Edgescale) grow, we need both technical and people leadership. Our leads are able to exercise their technical chops while helping to grow both the team and the individual team members. Building a trusting relationship through demonstrated technical expertise has been a huge success here at Shopify, and we would love to find leads that fit that model of leadership.

You will provide leadership and use your technical knowledge to help the team provide and maintain tooling, platforms, services and lower-level supporting infrastructure – using new and innovative technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform and Go.

Why Brent Faulkner, the team lead, works in this area at Shopify:

“Our team works with many of the other Production Engineering teams, including our Cloud Platform and Security and Platform Integrity teams, to build and support the tools and systems that deliver content for our merchants. The challenge of scaling these systems to support millions of requests per minute and hundreds of terabytes per day, while making them observable and easy to use is an exciting one -- as is growing a new Shopify team in our Toronto and Ottawa offices.”

What you’ll need to have to succeed in this role:

  • Experience with large-scale applications in both colocation facilities and the cloud  – ideally GKE/GCP.
  • A solid understanding of the OSI model, and a good grasp of IP, TCP, UDP, TLS/SSL, HTTP, and BGP.
  • Knowledge of CDNs, Kubernetes, and Terraform.
  • Good programming instincts - especially with Ruby or Go - but other languages work too.

It’d be pretty cool if you had:

  • Experience with infrastructure as code, and infrastructure automation.
  • Experience working in (or leading) distributed teams.

Some things you’ll likely be doing in the first few months:

  • Transforming our traditional core network services to better support cloud infrastructure.
  • Terraforming our cloud network infrastructure.

Who's on the team:

Brent Faulkner

Charles Ng

Victoria Feere

Chris Taylor

Elvin Efendi

Angelo Albiero

Andrew Louis

Other people that you'll be working with:

Katrina Verey

Ian Quick

Scott Francis

Plus the rest of the amazing Production Engineering team!

The tools and technologies you will use include: Terraform, Kubernetes, NGINX, Ruby, Golang, Fastly, Akamai, Cloudflare, AWS, GKE/GCP, S3/GCS, tcpdump, traceroute, nmap, dig, telnet, ssh, IPSec/VPN, iperf, siege, iptables, network hardware (Arista, Juniper, Fortinet, Opengear), TCP, IP, BGP, HTTP,  SSL/TLS

For more information about the tools that we use to make Shopify fast and reliable, check out our engineering blog here.

There is an on-call component to this role. We like to fix things right when they break, even if it means doing it in our jammies.

How to Apply

If you’re interested in helping us shape the future of commerce at Shopify, click the “Apply Now” button to submit your application. Please address your application to King.

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