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Senior Internal Communications Strategist

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Specialty HR and Culture

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We’re obsessed with helping our merchants and partners grow their businesses. And we know the best way to help them succeed is to build a culture where our people feel connected to our mission. Yeah, you know it, we’re talking about the power of internal communications. 

We’re looking for an impactful communicator to join the Culture team at Shopify. Someone who’s curious and who asks good questions - even the tough ones -  in order to get to the heart of what we do and why we do it. Someone who can connect the dots between our mission and strategies, between teams and individuals, and between projects and ideas. We’re growing fast, and stretching into new geographies, time zones and cultures. We need someone to help us draw new maps, navigate complex paths, build new bridges, and yes, come up with creative metaphors to make sense of it all!  

If you’ve got a gift for connecting with others, a passion for bringing people together through creative, clear, and compelling communications (yes, we like alliteration too!) and you enjoy a healthy mix of building, teaching, and learning as you go, we’d love to hear from you.

Challenge question: 

Using Shopify’s internal voice and tone guidelines (below) to shape your writing style, tell us why we should consider you for this role. And while there’s probably a whole novel you could write on this topic, let’s keep it short & sweet this time. Think two paragraphs-ish.

Authentic, not robotic. We’re humans, not robots—and there are some pretty amazing personalities and characteristics among these humans. Write as you’d naturally speak. 

Direct, but with context. Keep communications short through direct language, especially if you’re asking the audience to do something specific (although you should avoid being prescriptive). Words matter: provide the right context for others to understand your views. 

Lighthearted, but clear. We spend a lot of our day communicating and there’s no reason not to have some fun. Just remember, we still need to get the point. The clarity of your message comes first. The LOLs can be second.

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