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Supported Relocation - Canadian Data Science and Engineering

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Specialty Data Science and Engineering

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First of all, I realize this posting is clickbait -> "YOU WON'T BELIEVE HOW THESE 5 CANADIAN DATA SCIENCE ROLES WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE (the answer might surprise you!)".......the answer is the positions are all located in Canada ;)

At Shopify, we recognize that after our people, our most important asset is our data.  With over 10+ years of aggregate commerce data, we are driven by the potential insights that our data can provide.  Our 1,000,000+ merchants process over $72 billion in gross merchandise volume through our platform, and depend on us to deliver insights that enable them to grow their business.

Our data teams are largely based in our four Canadian offices, we are growing our data teams to help wrangle the 11+ petabytes of data with a team of over 230+ folks.

If you're interested in solving complex problems and willing to make the leap of moving to another country, check out the roles below. We'll help with all the details of the move (relocation + Visas + how to stay warm in the winter).