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Get ready for a remix on BFCM

Things are going to look a bit different this holiday shopping season. Get ready for your best BFCM yet with a coaching kit that’s custom made for you.

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What’s included in the BFCM coaching kit?

Depending on your needs, our Shopify specialist will help identify the right coaching kit for you. Eligible merchants get:

  • Two sessions with a Shopify specialist to provide dedicated support on a wide range of tactics from website design to marketing
  • Custom launch plans with personalized action items
  • Curated App and Shopify expert recommendations to get you the tools you need to get the job done
  • Post-BFCM stats on your performance to help you learn from this year and begin preparing for the next

Your BFCM coaching kit is tailored to you and your custom needs and includes support that is subject to our Storefront Optimization services design policy and Shopify Terms of Service.

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Get dedicated coaching

  • Meet with a Shopify specialist to access dedicated coaching on how you can make this your most successful holiday season
  • Our specialists can advise on:
    • How to prepare for a very different BFCM season
    • Scaling up your efforts with social advertising
    • Creating your strongest email marketing strategy yet
    • How to set up attractive discounts and much more
  • Come with your own ideas or pick their brain on how to best position your store for success

Your BFCM launch plan

  • After the sessions, you’ll receive a game plan that’s customized for you and your launch
  • You’ll get a follow up email that includes a session summary, additional resources and App and Expert recommendations

Discover website best practices

  • Get the inside scoop on how to optimize your store for conversions
  • You’ll get a custom playbook that outlines how to make improvements to your site navigation, marketing and user experience to implement for BFCM

Post-campaign report

  • Let data be your friend. Once your BFCM campaign wraps up, we’ll email you with analytics and insights that can help make your campaign for the next year even stronger