11 Killer Examples of Social Media Marketing

11 Killer Examples of Social Media Marketing

It’s common for brands to launch social media campaigns these days, but if you really want to stand out and connect with your prime audience then you need to focus on creating compelling and customer-centric campaigns - even if that means taking risks.

To help inspire you to great heights for your Social Media goals, here are 11 examples of social media marketing campaigns that killed it.

1. Newcastle: Band of Brands

How do you partake in the biggest marketing event of the year, aka the Super Bowl, on a shoestring budget? Follow the example set by Newcastle.

“Lacking the $4.5 million needed to buy 30 seconds of Big Game airtime, Newcastle decided to take a cue from the sharing economy that’s made Kickstarter, Uber, AirBnB and CityBike so popular,” says Droga5, the agency behind the campaign.

“Our plan was simple. We’d essentially sell ad space in our ad, asking 20-30 scrappy brands like ours to pitch in for airtime with us, and then cram all 20-30 of those brands into one Big Game ad. We called it, "Newcastle’s Band of Brands." It was a simple way to poke fun at the ridiculous cost of Big Game advertising while inserting ourselves, and plenty of other brands, into the Big Game conversation.”

The campaign relied on both Facebook ads and posts to spread the word and generate buzz.

2. Urban Decay: Coachella-Meets-Cosmetics Contest

In February and March 2014 cosmetics company Urban Decay unveiled a new collection entitled Electric. To get fans excited, the company ran a contest where they could win tickets to the sold-out music festival Coachella. To enter, people had to first follow Urban Decay on Pinterest and a pinboard called “Get Electric with UD” where they would show what they would wear at the annual music festival.

3. Land Rover UK: #Hibernot

#Hibernot is a cross-channel campaign that uses social, video and experiential marketing. The idea behind the campaign is that since there isn’t much daylight during the winter, you have to take advantage of the day as much as possible. Land Rover uses YouTube videos, billboards, and photography from Instagram influencers to show you how to enjoy the outdoors during the winter.

4. eBags: #TravelTipTuesdays

eBags is a travel bag manufacturer that uses its Facebook page to showcase their latest products and offer followers discount codes. However, the coolest use of Facebook is sharing priceless travel tips every Tuesday on everything from packing, travel hygiene, and even juicy facts like some airline credit cards allowing you to check bags for free.

5. Four Seasons LinkedIn Page

Four Seasons has been listed as one of LinkedIn’s top company pages in years like 2013. And, it’s easy to see why. The hotel and resort posts videos and readable that highlight employees, how the company gives back to the community, and employees having fun. It’s an effective way to use social media to recruit talent without seeming overly pushy.

Check out this amazing guide on social media advertising to help you scale this with your business.

6. Taco Bell: Taco emoji engine

In 2015 emojis became a big deal among social media users. Brands picked-up on the trend and started including emoji in email subject lines and social media posts. Taco Bell, who has an incredible social media presence and knows how to connect with it’s youthful demographic. The company decided to join in on the fun. Users simply tweeted @TacoBell with a taco emoji and another emoji and the brand would tweet the user back with a humorous mashup of the the two images.

7. Lowes: #fixinsix

The home improvement store has used social media to share home improvement tips. Using Vine, Lowes creates a series that covers everything from cleaning to contraction in just six-seconds.

8. Droptheweapons.og: A Different Ending

This social campaign created an invertive choose your own adventure on YouTube to help end violence. It’s powerful message that gives viewers a first person experience on the impact that their decisions can have.

9. Victoria’s Secret: #DIY Panty Contest

Victoria’s Secret is a brand known for using Snapchat to host giveaways. One example was the #DIY Panty Contest for Valentine’s Day 2016. Fans had a chance to win one of its personalized panty kits by drawing over a screenshot of their favorite pair and then send the image back to Victoria’s Secret with the hashtag #DIYPantyContest.

10. Make-A-Wish Foundation & Disney: #ShareYourEars

Disney partnered with the Make-A-Wish Foundation where people were asked to share images of them wearing Mickey Mouse Ears on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #ShareYourEars. For every “ear” photo Disney would donate $5 to Make-A-Wish America and Make-A-Wish International.


Believe it or not, General Electric is constantly up-to-date on the latest social media trends and channels. In 2015 they were one of the first brands to use Periscope in a marketing campaign. As explained in Co.Create, “the project will allow viewers to criss-cross the U.S. via Periscope and get a drone's eye view of some of the company's least accessible facilities where jet engines, locomotives, wind turbines and industrial machinery are made and tested to extremes, featuring interviews and expert commentary from GE scientists and technologists. It's like Shark Week for science and social video nerds.”

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