11 Ways to Become a Better Blogger Now

11 Ways to Become a Better Blogger Now

Blogging can be a full-time job that can come with a lucrative income. It takes time to get to this point, of course, but you can get started now by making a few changes to your current blogging strategy. The eleven tips here will help you rethink your strategy and create content that grows audiences.

1. Start an Ideas List

If you want to become a better blogger, you need to have a list of topics available. You need to start an ideas list if you do not have one already. When you are drawing a blank, visit your list and come up with a content strategy for that specific topic.

2. Create a Content Calendar

A content calendar will help you organize your posts for a week or month at a time. If you have a specific topic that you need to publish on a specific day, complete it ahead of time and schedule it. A content calendar helps you keep your blog updated routinely and will help you stay on top of important topics.

3. Be Consistent

Some bloggers like to throw in a random post every now and then. This is not the best thing to do. Readers expect consistency. Your voice, all of the time.

About 54-percent of bloggers spend less than 2 hours creating their content. This can lead to inconsistencies in voice, presentation, and blog theme.

4. Schedule Posts for the Right Time

Part of becoming a better blogger is changing some of your posting habits. The time of day that you post matters. It is important to know when the majority of your audience is online and viewing social media networks. Run a test with two important topics. Post one before 8 a.m. and another around 7 p.m. See which post performs better.

5. Be Unique

You cannot attempt to compete with or copy another blogger. Your blog has to be unique, so you should have at least one feature that sets you apart from other bloggers to increase your readership. It is important to work on creating a unique voice and a unique way of delivering your content.

6. Build your Audience

Building an audience takes time, but you need to work at it. This means that you will want to encourage your readers to share content. You could also create a contest and reward the user that brings the most followers with a small gift too.

7. Pay Attention to Topic Selection

You may have a great idea for a blog post, but what do you do if it doesn’t fit your theme? Network, and consider trading posts with another blogger while giving credit to each other on your respective blogs. If you go off-theme, it may confuse your audience and may cause some of them to stop following you.

8. Market Everything You Post

A good tip for part-time bloggers is do not forget to market your own content. This means that you should be using social media advertising opportunities and should promote/boost your posts. Doing so helps you build your audience and improve your blogger reputation.

9. Become an Influencer

Consider becoming an online influencer to transform your blog. There are several angles to take, as you could be a niche influencer, trend influencer, or industry-expert influencer. Audiences are more likely to follow those that are considered to be influencers than simple bloggers.

10. Use One Display Avatar

Whatever profile picture you use on your main blog, should be used on all channels where your content is published. For serious, full-time bloggers, this should be your logo. Your logo is part of your online identity.

When you have your display images created, make sure to request a thumbnail size file to use on social media profiles for consistency while posting on multiple networks. Using larger images may cause your logo to stretch or distort making it unrecognizable to your audience.

11. Branding

If your blog does not have a logo or other visual identifier, it may hurt you if you are trying to survive an economic recession when sponsors are spending less money. Your brand should be identified by one logo across all channels, including letterhead or contracts. Your audience and potential sponsors should be able to look at your logo and immediately recognise you.

Final Thoughts

You must realise that focusing your blog on a single niche or topic is necessary. Too many different topics leave audiences confused as to who you are. If you aren’t a great self-editor, hire one because a human editor is always better than a program. Take your time on your content and make sure it delivers the message you need or want it to.

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