Hiring Growth Hackers? Look for These Items on Freelancers’ Resumes

Hiring Growth Hackers? Look for These Items on Freelancers’ Resumes

As businesses seek to grow, often they look for a fast track to success. If they can somehow access the secret to quick growth, they’ll pay for it. In recent years, this has come in the form of growth hackers, who serve as consultants to young businesses interested in expanding.

As job postings start appearing for growth hackers, businesses have noticed that the position is still so new, few actually have established careers in that field. Without a clear understanding of what a growth hacker should bring to the table, a business could easily find itself hiring the wrong person. If you’re planning to bring on a freelance growth hacker, here are a few things you should look for as you sort through resumes.

Overall Presentation

The first indication you have a talented marketing specialist is in the overall presentation of the resume. Experienced marketers have an innate ability to present the best features of themselves in a visually-appealing manner. Everything from the font to the general style of the resume should speak to a candidate who knows exactly what catches an employer’s attention. The resume should be arranged in a way that highlights the many reasons the freelancer is perfect for the growth hacker role in your organization. Often the right resume will stand out from all the others, but sometimes employers find that they have a long list of mediocre candidates, at which point they should keep looking. 

Past Employer Growth

The best candidates will be able to demonstrate what they’ve done for previous campaigns. Look for a track record of substantial growth that can be attributed to campaigns each candidate has managed. If you aren’t sure from a candidate’s resume, research online to determine business growth, paying particular attention to the time period of a candidate’s employment. While this growth might not be directly related to the candidate’s work with that company, it can be a good indication.

Hard Facts

Growth hacking is heavily rooted in the study of numbers. A freelancer who will be successful in the position will closely monitor data to establish a before-and-after for each effort. A freelance growth hacker’s resume should be filled with data. Instead of simply saying they grew a company, they should have facts about the work they did, complete with growth percentages, as well as financial and customer increase numbers. If a candidate’s resume is filled with vague statements that aren’t backed up by facts, it’s likely a sign you should move on to the next person on the list.

Specialized Software Experience

Any marketer should rely heavily on the many tech tools available today. These tools provide insights into how customers are interacting with their marketing efforts. Look for a list of popular tools used by many growth hackers, as well as familiarity with the software necessary to interact with others in your organization. While you may be able to train a new freelancer on the tools your team uses, a growth hacker should be able to advise your company on tools you should be using to be more successful.


The “purpose” section of a resume is often overlooked, but it’s very important in a freelance growth hacker. What personal gratification does the candidate seek from working for your organization? The ideal growth hacker will be looking for far more than an hourly wage. You need someone who gets deep satisfaction from taking a business to the next level, feeling a sense of accomplishment with each new customer. Look for a candidate whose mission statement includes something specific to your organization, asking yourself why this particular candidate is interested in working with your business above all of the others out there.

A growth hacker can help your business grow in the right direction, preparing you to move ahead of your competitors. However, it’s important to look for the right skillset before choosing a freelance growth hacker, since the field is relatively new. Search resumes for examples of a history of leading campaigns that directly lead to growth and ask interview questions that determine what a candidate will do to take your company to its next stage.


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