How to Get a Head Start On Your Workweek

How to Get a Head Start On Your Workweek

It's a natural fact that Sunday evenings roughly between 8 and 10 PM, the Monday dread starts to set in. Well before a good night of sleep and the early-morning wakeup associated with starting the workweek, everyone that has somewhere to be gets a case of the Mondays.

There are a few ways to avoid the dread, even starting on Sunday night, and make your workweek flow as seamlessly as possible. While you can't control everyone's mood (let's face it - it's the start of the week and everyone is grumpy), you do have complete control over your own Monday destiny.

Plan Ahead

If you're one of those that hits the snooze button multiple times on a Monday morning, followed by the inevitable rushing and scampering about the house to get to work on time, it's time to start thinking about Monday before Monday – but not with a sense of dread. Find a solid half-hour of time to simply prepare for the workweek. In fact, working a little bit on Sundays to get ahead isn't bad for you, either.

Make a solid plan of what your day at work will entail. Set consecutive, loud alarms on your electronic devices if hitting the snooze button is a known problem for you. Charge laptops, phones, and other devices ahead of time to avoid stress on Monday mornings. If you're bad at being a planner, then plan to be a bad planner. In other words, if you are the type that forgets to charge your devices every single night, invest in charging devices.

Wake Up Early

While no one looks forward to waking up early on a Monday, it's a good idea to start your week off the right way. You don't have to necessarily get up early to work or clean the house – get up a half-hour early, and go to the gym, or simply catch up on reading or watching a favorite show. This extra half-hour or so of downtime before a hectic workweek can help you begin the week with a feeling of relaxation. Alternatively, if you weren't able to plan ahead the night before, this is also a good time to prepare for the day and the week ahead.

Set One Goal Per Day

This is an especially important point to jumpstart Monday itself, but it's important to remember this throughout the week. Instead of overloading yourself with work, set one fundamental goal per day that's easy to attain. Workers have a tendency to be overloaded, or even worse, overload themselves as the week begins, when most times tasks really can be stretched out over the course of the week. This tip also ties into "plan ahead" – if you've drawn out a weekly plan for your workweek and other obligations in your life, it's nearly impossible to overload yourself.

Find Something Good About Every Day

People have a tendency to think "TGIF" and look forward to Friday only, but remember, with rare exception, something pretty good happens nearly every day. Are you looking forward to your child's band recital Wednesday evening? Do you have a lunch date with an old friend on Thursday? Thinking about the positives can keep you going when the workweek seems long. By all means, look forward to Friday, but don't get so focused on your weekend that you consider the whole workweek as hard work. If you don't have fun and relaxing things planned within your workweek, perhaps it's time to start.

Organize Your Workspace

When you are actually at work, you need to maintain a well-organized, clean workspace. A desk full of clutter or piles of pages will only make you feel more behind and more sluggish. Feeling organized while at work is a vital way to keep you motivated throughout the week. This doesn't apply to just your office – clean out the clutter on your computer, as well. Disorganization leads to poor management, according to – so if you want to stay on top, stay organized.

Final Word

Positive thinking can only take you so far when you need a jumpstart to your workweek. Planning and organization is key. To help you get on the road to happiness at work, reward yourself for a week well done to foster better habits. And who knows, maybe the U.S. will adopt a four-day workweek somewhere down the line to make it all a bit easier.

Hopefully, you can find these tips to make your Monday’s less painful. Which suggestion are you looking forward to trying first?

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