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Some of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns now use Shopify to power their online business.


$10,266,845 raised

Pebble is by far one of the most successful crowd financed projects. If you haven't heard of Pebble already (unlikely), it's a smartwatch that's infinitely customizable. You can connect it to an iPhone or Android using Bluetooth to sync calendars, alerts, emails, even incoming calls. Within hours of going live, the project broke its $100,000 funding goal. Then it kept going, and going, and going until it reached over $10 million dollars in financing! On their website, Pebble is pre-selling their watches for $150US.


$19,485 raised

Panda sunglasses are like TOMS Shoes but for your face. They are ecofriendly sunglasses handcrafted from sustainable bamboo, and for every pair you purchase, Panda will provide an eye exam and a pair of prescription glasses to someone in need. Vincent Ko, the founder, decided to post his idea for Panda sunglasses to Kickstarter in late 2011 with a $3,000 goal. He surpassed his goal by over 600%. The funds allowed Ko to start production with a woodworking shop in China. You can buy Panda glasses for $120US which includes free shipping and a lifetime warranty.


$3,439 raised

Eddie Tsai used crowd funding websites to validate the demand for a moustache tie clip before investing money. Tsaiclips are forged from solid brass and coated in chrome steel or gunmetal, and they sell for $35US.

Ramos Alarm Clock

$153,585 raised

Ramos Alarm Clock was founded by a group of young engineers outside of NYC. It's an alarm clock that is beautifully constructed with four glowing nixie tubes that display the time in a very unique way. The clock also comes with a wireless alarm deactivation panel that will get you out of bed to turn off the buzzer. In February 2012, they launched their project on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter where they received over 400 orders in a month and a half. Ramos clocks range from $200 - $800 and they're currently up for pre-sale. Expected delivery: September 2012.

Coffee Joulies

$306,944 raised

Dave Jackson and Dave Petrillo are two mechanical engineers from New Jersey. They developed polished stainless steel beans that regulate the temperature of coffee and called them Coffee Joulies. Their product is an amazing crowd funding success story. They've been covered by Gizmodo, Mashable, WIRED, and Popular Science. Coffee Joulies also won our Build-A-Business Competition grand prize of $100,000 cash plus VIP trips to meet Tim Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Seth Godin. You can buy a 5-pack of Coffee Joulies for $49.95US.