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Easily create a customized storefront with an experienced Shopify Web Design Expert.

This is our curated group of some of the most talented website designers in Montreal. Dealing with local web designers is always a huge benefit when building an online store. So whether you are looking for a DIY ecommerce solution or a highly customized store, you've come to the right place.

Shopify web designers build on top of the most robust ecommerce solution available. All shops built on Shopify are fully hosted, have state of the art security, beautifully designed, and come with free customer service. Our easy to use API's, powerful add-ons and design backend decrease design and development costs.

Either create a new online store, or improve your current ecommerce shop with a Shopify Web Design Expert!


Designer / developer / setup 81 Reviews

Spicy Design & Marketing is a small & passionate team of designers and developers from Montreal, Canada. We specialize in Ecommerce, Responsive Web Design + Development. We LOVE Shopify and w...



Designer / developer / setup 67 Reviews

We're a team of 25 software developers and engineers focused on providing custom solutions to clients on Shopify since 2010. Shopify Plus Partners: https://www.shopify.ca/plus/partners Commo...

STARTING AT $10000 / PROJECT - $150 / HOUR
Custom Theme + ERP Integration


Designer / marketer / photographer / setup 7 Reviews

Let's clear the fog and drive growth. HRVST was founded in 2014 by our creative director, Brandon Harrar. A former ad agency media buyer, his passion has always been for design, processes and ...

Dogpack (dogpack.ca)

Stem Commerce

Designer / photographer / setup 52 Reviews

Online store design, development and quality assurance solutions for your Shopify store, courtesy of the experts. Finally, an agency that delivers fast, efficient and cost effective solutions fo...

STARTING AT $15000 / PROJECT - $129 / HOUR

Webso Media Inc.

Designer / developer / marketer / photographer / setup 12 Reviews

We started designing and developing websites in 2007. We worked with different platforms and technologies along the way but in 2014 we felt in love with Shopify and decided to concentrate our work ...

Custom design and coding from A to Z for Deliveroo.

North Media

Designer 2 Reviews

We are a full-service eCommerce agency dedicated to helping brands sell more product. Period. We'll help you design and/or build your build your website. We're equally comfortable working with ...


Olivier M. Chank

Designer / marketer / setup 6 Reviews

We are a full-service ecommerce agency based in Montreal, Canada. With over 4 years of experience in the industry, we have helped build some of the most reputable and successful ecommerce websites ...

STARTING AT $20000 / PROJECT - $100 / HOUR
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