Web Design Companies in Ottawa

This is our curated group of some of the most talented website designers in Ottawa. Dealing with local web designers is always a huge benefit when building an online store. So whether you are looking for a DIY ecommerce solution or a highly customized store, you've come to the right place.

Shopify web designers build on top of the most robust ecommerce solution available. All shops built on Shopify are fully hosted, have state of the art security, beautifully designed, and come with free customer service. Our easy to use API's, powerful add-ons and design backend decrease design and development costs.

Either create a new online store, or improve your current ecommerce shop with a Shopify Web Design Expert!

Enjoy Industries

Designer / developer / setup 8 Reviews

We build websites that attract, engage & convert. We're a team of passionate web designers and developers who partner with companies like yours to create a website that reflects your compan...



Designer / developer / marketer / setup 115 Reviews

Our team specializes in building stunning commerce experiences, and we do it exceptionally well. We are a design first company that doesn’t deal in mediocrity. You can trust that we know what we’re...


Paradise Commerce

Designer / developer / marketer / setup 17 Reviews

Are you just starting out with Shopify or switching from another e-commerce site? Then make your experience with Shopify go smoother and faster with Paradise Commerce. We make getting your store u...

Glow Beauty Spa

Fancy Boys

Designer 20 Reviews

Fancy Boys is a digital agency that specializes in brand development, web design and strategic marketing for consumer and entertainment brands. We specialize in creating branded interfaces on third...

STARTING AT $10000 / PROJECT - $125 / HOUR


Designer / developer / setup 40 Reviews

I’ve been helping people create successful online shops since Shopify was born. One of the first theme creators and first Shopify experts. I’ve worked on hundreds of shops and enjoy working wit...


Norramark Studios

Designer / developer / setup 16 Reviews

At Norramark Studios we have a strong emphasis on research; the design and development process begins once we have a holistic understanding of the specific needs of the client. Every project has a ...

Roadtrip Clothing

Cinnamon Toast

Designer / developer / marketer

Cinnamon Toast is a full-service digital marketing agency located in both Ottawa and Hamilton. We specialize in creating strategic action plans, memorable brands, captivating web experiences, and e...

STARTING AT $15000 / PROJECT - $120 / HOUR
Auxita is an interactive tool for physicians.

Atomic Motion

Designer / marketer 1 Review

Atomic Motion is an Ottawa and Toronto based web design and development company specializing in design, digital marketing and e-commerce solutions. We offer comprehensive solutions delivering measu...

STARTING AT $10000 / PROJECT - $125 / HOUR
Wolf & Zed Footware

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