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.md Domain Name Registration

Why choose a .md domain?

.md overview

From Eastern Europe to your next check-up, .md is full of possibilities. .md is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the Republic of Moldova. But because MD is a common abbreviation for 'medical doctor,' it’s the perfect way for doctors to get a custom-sounding website that’s easy for their patients to remember. So whether you’re a proud Moldavian or establishing yourself as an MD, this domain extension could be the perfect choice.

.md facts, stats & history

.md is popular with Moldovan businesses, but you don’t need to live there to use this TLD. That means it’s great for doctors who want a domain that’s memorable, on-brand, and precise. Because many medical practices are named for their doctor, the .com extension for yours is likely already taken, especially if you have a common name. Instead, try a .md domain name. It’s specific, targeted, and tells your audience they can trust in your expertise.

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Is .md right for you?

.md benefits

A .md domain name can either show off your Moldovian heritage or let patients know that you’re a professional physician they can trust. Either way, you have a much better choice of getting the exact domain name you want, since .md is a newer domain extension.

Ideas for your .md domain

From general practitioners to specialist surgeons, a .md domain shows visitors you’re a trained and qualified doctor. It’s also ideal for businesses with a presence in Moldova that want to build a connection with their local audience.

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FAQ - Learn more about .md domains

  • .md is the country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Moldova. It’s best-suited for businesses based in this Eastern European country or doctors who want to build a professional online presence.
  • Whether you’re a Moldovian business or a hardworking physician, a .md domain extension is specific, memorable, and tells visitors exactly what to expect.
  • Even though it’s a ccTLD, anyone in the world can buy a .md domain name, as long as it hasn't already been registered.
  • Yes! Register your .md domain name on Shopify and start establishing yourself online today.
  • If you buy your .md domain through Shopify, you’ll get a free SSL certificate. Otherwise, SSL certification can cost you hundreds of dollars every year.