Introducing the Shopify Plus Partner Program

Introducing the Shopify Plus Partner Program

It starts small, a vibration; barely perceivable really, easy to ignore.

But it persists. Soon vibrations turn to tremors. Those around you notice, but everyone goes about pretending everything is the same. And then it happens...

The ground shakes, cracking beneath your feet, shifting, evolving. Everywhere you look one thing becomes apparent; the landscape has changed and it will never be the same again.

Since January, we've been talking about this earth-moving shift in commerce, and now with Shopify Plus powering over 1,000 mid-market & enterprise level businesses, we're breaking even more ground with the introduction of the Shopify Plus Partners Program.

Earlier this year, Shopify Plus joined forces with some of the most influential, ground shaking agencies in the industry.

R/GA, who was named "The most awarded agency" of 2015, with a walloping 275 awards. They were named "Agency of the Year" at Cannes, CLIOs, D&AD, Digiday, London International along with 5 other award shows and won top tier awards from Advertising Age, AdWeek and Creativity.

Fluid, pioneers in the conversational commerce and personalization space, and winners of several "Innovator of the Year" awards.

One Rockwell, who has won several design awards from, the People's Champ award from Pixel, and an honorable mention from the Webbys...

...these are just 3 of the  world-class, pioneering agencies who are joining Plus Partners BVAccel, Simplistic, Demac, and more to guide Shopify Plus merchants in developing the next generation of social, mobile, and conversational commerce strategies.

With this new ecosystem of Shopify Plus Partners, the world's most forward-thinking brands can now work with the world's most innovative agency talent to create a new era of engaging commerce experiences.

Together, we will forge a new path and change the landscape of commerce forever.

Introducing The Shopify Plus Partner ProgramAbout The Author

Martyn Boddy is Head of the Shopify Plus Partner program. He strives for the continued development of commerce experiences through matching the right technologies with the right services. You can find out more on Martyn here.