Introducing Three New Products Designed to Improve & Customize the Merchant & Customer Experience

Introducing Three New Products Designed to Improve & Customize the Merchant & Customer Experience

It’s the digital equivalent of a tug of war…

Your customers are increasingly demanding a more personalized and faster checkout experience but you’re busy grinding away on necessary but laborious backend workflows that are often both time-consuming and costly.

How do you allocate your time and treasure intelligently and proportionally?

Your backend pulls while your front end simultaneously tugs.

Instead of feeling like you’re always shortchanging one side or the other, imagine a world in which equilibrium prevails; one in which you can customize and put backend workflows on autopilot while also lifting conversions by creating custom checkout experiences and helping customers breeze through the process faster.

Your digital tug of war is over.

We’re proud to introduce three new products that can help you customize the Shopify Plus experience for you and your customers at the same time:

Product #1: Flow

To decrease your workload and increase efficiency …

You need to hire additional employees with development chops to streamline backend business processes to make inventory and order management more intelligent, right?

Not anymore.

Introducing Flow, an automation platform that allows Plus merchants to customize unique backend business workflows without the help of costly developers.

You might even think of Flow as a rockstar employee who never complains or calls in sick and makes your life easier by helping you construct, import, and configure automation processes and business logic that allow high-volume merchants to focus on what matters rather than manual work.

Gone are the days of saying …

“I wish we could”

Or, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if”

With Flow you’re not only able to customize workflows and implement them instantly, but also position your business to chart and realize its strategic vision. Besides affording merchants time-saving automations and seamless integrations with external tools, Flow provides the agility necessary to experiment with backend customizations designed to instantly boost productivity.

Initially, merchants will be able to use Flow to trigger five important workflow automations related to inventory and orders.

For instance, Flow enables merchants to tag orders as “risky” or cancel orders altogether based on specific risk conditions plus:

  • The ability to customize the way Shopify works so merchants can automate the repetitive tasks that occur within their business on a regular basis
  • Allows for logic customizations to trigger actions after certain events and conditions are met, automating and streamlining administrative and monitoring tasks to create greater efficiency in existing and new business processes
  • Customizations are created visually with a common language and logic and do not require coding knowledge
  • Enabling customization and change will allow the platform to adapt and grow alongside the varied, unique and complex businesses on Shopify Plus
  • Allows for discovery and experimentation by combining different sets of events, actions, and conditions

With Flow, merchants are better positioned to use business or customer data more efficiently and effectively to drive desired business outcomes.

David Moellenkamp, Shopify Plus’ Director of Product, explains:

“We know that every merchant faces their own set of unique challenges and complexities when it comes to running their business.”  

“We built Flow with that in mind and creating a platform that enables all of these highly differentiated requirements in a simple and effective way. The most important outcome is that it allows merchants to experiment and become more efficient.”

While Flow is being unveiled at Unite 2017, Shopify’s Partner & Developer Conference, the product is currently in Beta and scheduled to officially launch later this year. If you’re interested, contact your Merchant Success Manager to learn more about Flow and how it can help put your backend on autopilot.

Product #2: Payment Scripts

Hundreds or even thousands of shoppers checking out all at once …

It can be both a blessing and a curse for high-volume merchants desperate to quickly and easily customize the checkout experience.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had what amounts to a brilliant employee standing by at the checkout? Someone who knows each customer, can peek inside their cart, and instantly offer customized payment options based on that insight?

With Shopify Payment Scripts, merchants can do just that and more by offering customers a more relevant checkout experience that can lift conversion rates.

Instead of editing your checkout.liquid asset, Shopify Plus merchants can now use the Shopify Script Editor which gives you more control in presenting different payment gateways based on customer information or items in their cart.

Exactly how might you use Payment Scripts to customize the checkout?

Payment customizations built on Shopify’s secure PCI compliant checkout put you in the driver seat and allow you to offer a smart checkout experience that protects you and offers customers an easier and faster checkout experience designed to reduce cart abandonment:

  • Show, hide, or rename payment methods shown during the checkout based on products in the cart, customer group or tag, or a customer’s shipping address
  • Prevent discount codes from being used when certain payment methods are selected
  • Restrict payment options based on products or customers
  • Reorder to display preferred payment methods first

Customize your checkout today with Payment Scripts and remember you can always flex Shopify Plus further to offer additional innovative checkout customization with Shipping Scripts.

Product #3: Shopify Pay

If your returning customers roll their eyes at you …

It may be because they expect you to use their personal information to make their shopping experience easier and more enjoyable. It can be frustrating even for loyal customers to have to re-enter their personal, shipping, and payment information every time they purchase something from your store.

How about allowing customers check out with just one click or touch?

It’s why we’re excited to launch Shopify Pay, a powerful checkout feature that allows customers to save their information for faster checkout at your store and on other participating Shopify stores.

Customers who opt into Shopify Pay can save their shipping and payment information and instantly check out with just one click or touch.

With two-factor authentication embedded in the opt-in process, you can be sure offering your customers a one-click or touch checkout option is safe and secure.

Discover exactly how it works here.

In addition to accelerating the checkout process, Shopify Pay also significantly reduces the number of steps it takes customers to checkout which can positively impact your conversion rate and reduce cart abandonment.

Flexing Your Platform

The new products announced here have been designed to help you customize your store’s back and front ends and offer a vastly improved merchant and customer experience:

  • By offering you the ability to automate backend workflows, Flow better positions you to execute your strategic vision and grow your business.
  • Future growth will hinge, in part, on lifting conversion rates by using Payment Scripts to offer customers a more relevant and faster checkout experience
  • Increasingly, customers are demanding a one-click or touch checkout experience which is now possible thanks to Shopify Pay’s ability to remember customer shipping & payment data

Having the right tool can make all the difference.

These three new tools can help improve your operations and the customer’s experience … and provide a competitive advantage tomorrow and beyond.

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