Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination for Tomorrow & Beyond

Introducing Shopify Plus Industry Reports: Insight & Imagination for Tomorrow & Beyond

What does the future look like in your industry?

Tomorrow’s technologies are on the verge of colliding...

Significant shifts in consumer preference, behavior, and geographic centers of affluence will influence how those technologies are used for commerce.

What will your vertical look like when artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and next generation wearables created with 3D scanning technology collide to create a one-touch on demand purchasing environment unlike any in operation today?

Your fate in the second half of the decade and beyond will likely be determined by the decisions you make today.

It means seeing the future has never been more important...

That's why we've created Shopify Plus Industry Reports- a series of in-depth vertical specific reports that provide you the insight & imagination necessary to navigate the second half of the decade and beyond for the following industries:

You're just a click away from gaining the edge you need to navigate an uncertain future- scroll down to find your industry and get your free report now.

Fashion & Apparel | Cosmetics | Jewelry | Luxury

From unprecedented shifts in consumer behavior to emerging market affluence, the industries included in this report are undergoing seismic changes that are rapidly reshaping the way goods are manufactured, marketed, and sold.

In addition to outlining the trends that are redefining what it means to be a global brand in these industries, the Fashion & Apparel industry report has been created to stretch your imagination regarding how tomorrow’s technologies will intersect to create dynamic challenges and opportunities in the digital and physical worlds as well as those in between.

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Consumer Electronics

After a decade of turbocharged growth in a variety of segments, the consumer electronics industry is decelerating as demand for new technologies such as virtual reality, wearables, and the IoT is not yet strong enough to offset declining growth in traditional segments like smartphones.

In addition to outlining headwinds negatively impacting developed markets such as shorter product lifespans and rapid price declines, the Consumer Electronics industry report has been designed to help leaders more quickly identify and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities like context-aware electronics that offer increasingly personalized customer experiences.

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Home Goods | Furniture | Appliances 

As relative newcomers to ecommerce, leaders in the home goods, furniture, and appliance spaces are capitalizing on the consumer’s increasing willingness to buy bigger ticket items which is being fanned by liberal return policies and the emergence of delivery services that specialize in oversize and overweight items.

Besides illustrating how rising labor costs and increased scrutiny regarding manufacturing processes are impacting margins, the Home Goods industry report has been created to help you imagine ways you might grow your business with next generation wearables laced with haptic technology that allow consumers to virtually “touch” items they might otherwise prefer to handle in brick and mortar stores before purchasing.

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Health & Wellness 

Backed by a global shift in consumer behavior toward living a cleaner lifestyle as well as aging populations that desire improved physical and cognitive health, the health and wellness industry is positioned to grow its ecommerce sales which currently account for a relatively small portion of overall sales.

While headwinds such as increased regulatory scrutiny regarding efficacy claims and commoditization of a myriad natural and organic products exist, the Health & Wellness industry report has been designed to help you capitalize on the trend toward wellness in the workplace and tourism and to better understand the commerce opportunities technologies like VR and AI will present first movers focused in preventative health care.

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Fitness & Sports 

Tailwinds such as the global shift in consumer preference toward healthier living, preventative care, and the consumer’s increasing comfort level with purchasing bigger ticket items online are expected to help the fitness and sports industry double its ecommerce sales in the second half of the decade.

While the ability to transform consumer electronics into health trackers has ushered in a new era of commoditization and attracted new competitors to the space, the Fitness & Sports industry report has been created to help you better navigate trends such as the merging of digital and physical worlds to address health issues and to capitalize on tomorrow’s technologies with the potential to connect devices with wearables and the home to improve health care and athletic performance outcomes.

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Fueled by aging populations that desire to look younger and rising incomes in emerging markets, the beauty industry is poised for moderate growth in the second half of the decade despite an increasing bifurcation between premium and mass product segments.

Despite pricing pressure stemming from increased demand for organic beauty products and more transparent manufacturing processes, the Beauty industry report has been created to help you navigate industry trends such as the emergence of secondary cosmetics markets and shifts in men’s grooming habits plus the technologies that will redefine the industry’s future such as AI-powered wearable-like cosmetics that may improve health outcomes.

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In the midst of a material transformation due in part to the way brands manufacture, target, and distribute their products, global toy industry growth is expected to decelerate as brands transition into hybrid technology companies to increase their offerings of smart toys.

While traditional toy manufacturers have lost share to makers of consumer electronics devices that can easily be turned into toy or gaming devices, the Toys industry report has been designed to help you navigate trends like the smart toy boom that’s blurring the line between entertainment and education and help you capitalize on the intersection of AI and VR that may soon result in next generation toys that can assist special needs children and reduce bullying.

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Baby Care Products 

Increased willingness on the part of consumers in both emerging and developed markets to purchase baby care products online has positioned the industry for accelerated growth as busy parents also appear more willing to pay for bulk delivery of online purchases.

Despite unfavorable demographic trends such as aging populations and slowing birth rates, the Baby Care industry report has been created to help you capitalize on trends like parents’ increasing desire to pamper and help their children become smarter as well as prepare for future technological opportunities like context-aware baby care devices that may detect mood and evaluate health data to improve wellness.

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