chapter 2

Understanding the eBay Opportunity

eBay is an ecommerce marketplace. When you choose to sell on eBay, you’re putting your merchandise in front of millions of active buyers—in one place, from one product catalog.

Beyond gaining access to an extensive marketplace, you’ll also gain a knowledgeable selling partner. You’ll be supported in listing your products worldwide and learn about new tools that encourage your buyers to find your products easily.

You'll have to evaluate whether eBay is the right opportunity for your business at this time. While eBay and Shopify have worked hard to make this as easy as possible, you need to consider your time and focus on the channel, strategizing, supporting customers and fulfilling orders. It may fit seamlessly into your existing workflow or it may take a substantial change. That balance is up to you. 

Reach a Global Shopping Audience

In 2017, over one hundred million active shoppers around the world found the products they were searching for on eBay. When you start to sell on eBay, you’ll reach a global audience of buyers looking for products like yours. On eBay your buyers don’t need to find your unique store to buy your products—they just need to find your listings.

Not only will you gain visibility in new markets, but you’ll reach buyers who don’t shop anywhere else online. In 2017, Forrester Research found that half of all online sales occur through just a handful of marketplaces and an increasing share of today’s online shoppers are “one stop shoppers.” These marketplace-specific buyers turn to marketplaces for all their ecommerce needs, so they won’t cannibalize your existing Shopify sales.

Sell With Confidence

When you sell on eBay, you’re backed by professional policies, transaction monitoring, and a dedicated seller protection team. It’s all in place to support you, increase your conversion rates, and reduce customer service costs. eBay relies on an automated detection system to monitor transactions for you, so that you can stay focused on selling.

Build Credibility for Your Brand and Products

Nintendo, Acer, Calvin Klein, Mattel, and dozens of other top brands sell on eBay. By listing on eBay, you’re joining a group of established, successful sellers who know how to compete online. Selling on eBay can show customers that you are serious about your business and are ready to provide value to them no matter where they reach you online.

Putting It All Together

This chapter covered several reasons to start selling on eBay. Here’s a quick review:

  • You’ll reach a global shopping audience
  • You’ll reach new shoppers who only buy from marketplaces
  • You’ll enhance your brand’s credibility

With the eBay integration that’s already in your Shopify account, all of this is easy to accomplish. In the next chapter, we’ll link your eBay account to Shopify and get you up and selling on eBay.

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