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Get the free Business Starter Kit designed to inspire, fuel creative thinking, and grow curiosity in kids.

Shopify Kids

Business Starter Kit

At Shopify, we believe in the benefits of fostering an entrepreneurial spirit at an early age. That’s why we created a free Business Starter Kit exclusively designed for kids.

Full of activities sure to spark creativity, kids will walk away from the kit with new ways of creative thinking and curiosity, as well as the confidence to join the next generation of entrepreneurs.

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About the kit

Included in the kit, you’ll find 44 pages of engaging activities and exercises designed to lead children between the ages of 9-12 through the journey of imagining and developing a business idea. The kit is tailored to every kid, allowing them to enjoy it at their own pace.

Here’s what’s included:

  • 12+ business exercises
  • 5 bonus activities
  • Vision board
  • 10 business cards
  • Coloring and sketching exercises
  • Branding exercises
  • Marketing activities
  • And much more!

Give their idea an identity with a thoughtful naming exercise that'll let their business shine.

Kids can tap into their creativity with logo designs, business card creation, and more!

Bring all the activities together by displaying them in a logo, perfect for hats, tees, and totes.

Any questions?

Our FAQs got you covered.

  • Zero dollars, zero cents! We're committed to making this kit accessible for as many children as possible, and we're excited to send it to your family, free of charge, so that your child can discover their passions.

  • Your Business Starter Kit should arrive in 2-4 weeks, depending on your location.

  • Right now, the kit is only available in the USA and Canada in English but we’re looking to expand its availability. Make sure to add your email address to our waitlist and we’ll let you know when it’ll be available in your region.

  • The Business Starter Kit includes everything your child will need to complete the base activities. There are optional bonus activities that require items such as an iron, a fabric based item like a t-shirt or tote bag, a printer, and a computer with internet access.

  • The kit is made up of independent activities designed to be engaging and challenging. Though they should be able to complete it on their own, your children may look to you for an opinion, or to show you their business idea along the way.

  • No, you don’t. Your child can get all the benefits of the Business Starter Kit without signing up for a Shopify account. Though if they have a great idea that they want to pursue with your support, they shouldn’t hesitate to start a free trial.

  • As we're currently prioritizing families, the kit is not available for bulk orders for schools, classes or large groups. However, we'd love to expand to these groups in the future. If you're interested in using these kits for large groups, let us know by adding your email address to our waitlist.

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The kit is currently available in the USA and Canada in English. Get notified when it’s available in your region.

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Get notified when the kit is available in your region.

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