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Instagram can leverage your existing audience by increasing online sales or attracting potential new customers.

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Dave Glass, Kit user

Kit is on your team

Kit will proactively message you about Instagram ad opportunities that will help drive sales

Good morning Josh! I see some new products have been added to your store. Should we showcase 3 new products in an Instagram ad and generate some traffic?


Great! How about we spend $40 and run this ad for 7 days?


Perfect. The ad will be live on Instagram in a few minutes. Here’s a preview of the ad and I will keep you updated on how it performs.

An instagram ad, created by Kit

Watch the video

Real results, real sales

A single-day campaign on Instagram doubled Love Your Melon’s ROI

“Without Instagram, we wouldn’t be able to make the same different in the lives of children battling cancer.”

— Love Your Melon

PuraVida experienced an overall 18% return on Instagram

“We can now reach the audience that best relates to us and scale accordingly. Instagram is our largest new customer acquisition channel.”

— PuraVida Bracelets

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