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Thumbnail preview about Creativity for Business Success1h 20m
Course • Jun 30

Creativity for Business Success

There’s creativity “sleeping” inside you. Unleash it. Turn it into a business.

The most successful entrepreneurs don’t piggyback off the ideas of others. They pave their own path. They innovate instead of imitate. But there’s a problem: innovation is intimidating.

What if you’re stuck in a creative rut? How do you know if your ideas are any good? And how do you turn an abstract idea into a tangible plan? That’s what this creativity for business course is all about.

Your instructor is Sarah Chrisp, the founder of the popular ecommerce YouTube channel Wholesale Ted. There, she shares the tips, tricks, and strategies she’s learned from turning her teenage ecommerce side hustle into a six-figure automated business.

Sarah Crisp
Thumbnail preview about The Hidden Secrets of Copywriting 1h 12m
Course • Jun 30

The Hidden Secrets of Copywriting

Write copy that sells. Engage your audience and convert them to customers.

When you’re marketing your brand through content, your choice of words can be the difference between a lifelong customer and someone who scrolls right past you.

This copywriting course makes sure that you grab people’s attention – and keep it. From headlines to product descriptions to ad copy, you’ll uncover the secrets of growing your business through killer content.

Your instructor is Ryan Carroll, a serial entrepreneur from California who has been bootstrapping different online businesses since 2016. He’s now a digital nomad living abroad, focusing on new startups and shooting content for both YouTube and Instagram.

Ryan Carroll
Thumbnail preview about Find winning products to sell1h 26m
Course • Jun 29

Find winning products to sell

Stop guessing which products to sell in your dropshipping store. Make smart, strategic choices instead.

With millions of products to choose from on AliExpress, it can be intimidating to pick the products you’re going to build a business around. But it doesn’t have to be.

This product discovery course breaks down everything you need to know about finding winning products. It’s research-based and data-packed.

Your instructor is Paul Lee, an entrepreneur who’s been dropshipping since 2016. He’s generated over seven figures in revenue in the process. Now Paul mentors students to do the same.

Paul Lee
Thumbnail preview about Dropshipping 101: Build your first online store2h 21m
Course • Jun 29

Dropshipping 101: Build your first online store

With Dropshipping 101, you can start your first online business in just a few clicks. You read that right.

Unlock everything you need to open your first dropshipping store. Use Facebook Ads to get visitors and sales. Optimize until the formula is right. Then scale up your online empire.

The Dropshipping 101 course is made for entrepreneurs who want to run a business wherever and whenever they want. No experience? No problem.

Jessica Guzik
Thumbnail preview about Design your dream life1h 46m
Course • Jun 29

Design your dream life

Your dream life is waiting. What’s stopping you?

We’ve all fantasized about living our best life. But it’s scary to take the leap. Here’s your chance to turn failure and fear into fuel for growth.

Unlock the guidance, tools, and resources you need to design your best life – then live it. Every. Single. Day.

Your instructor is Thomas Kuegler, who went from working at a local fast food chain to making five figures per month freelancing in the Philippines. Now he writes, vlogs, and shares his adventures in Southeast Asia, and teaches others how to achieve their own dream life.

Tom Kuegler
Take stunning product photos with your phone1h 3m
Course • Jun 29

Take stunning product photos with your phone

Take stunning product photos that convert. No fancy gear needed.

When you’re building a new business, your expenses can add up quickly. You don’t need to add thousands of dollars of photography equipment to that list.

All you need is a good product photography course, some picture-taking finesse, and a few tips to maximize your resources. High quality, low budget. That’s the good stuff.

Your instructor is Ben Waugh, a commercial photographer, videographer, and content creator. Originally from Australia, Ben has been traveling around North America for the past year in his custom converted van (yep, you’ll get a peek inside).

Ben Waugh
Optimizing Your Store For Conversions for Neil Patel34m
Course • Jun 25

Optimizing Your Store For Conversions

In this course you'll learn tactics to optimize your store for sales from top growth expert Neil Patel.

Neil Patel
Thumbnail preview about Sustainable food systems with Shopify for Startups1h 9m
Recorded Webinar • Apr 21

Sustainable food systems with Shopify for Startups

A discussion with Shopify merchants that are creating and contributing to sustainable food systems around the world. A deep dive into how we increase food security and nutrition, in a way that the economic, social and environmental bases to generate food security and nutrition for future generations, are not compromised. Panel: Jen Berlinger, GM and Kayalin Akensirby, Head of Partnerships at Planet FWD, Holly and John Arbuckle founders and farmers of Singing Pastures and Loren Shoop founder and farmer of Ulu Mana. Hosted by Desiree Shank, Shopify for Startups Growth Strategist.
Thumbnail preview about Shopify for Startups: Sustainable packaging with EcoEnclose1h
Recorded Webinar • Apr 14

Shopify for Startups: Sustainable packaging with EcoEnclose

Saloni is the CEO and Chief Eco Geek at EcoEnclose, a leading provider of sustainable shipping solutions for ecommerce brands. She is passionate about helping conscious companies launch, grow, and thrive. In the last three years, EcoEnclose has helped over 40,000 companies ship their products in ways that strengthen their brand and support the planet.
Thumbnail preview about Launch day checklist: Legal settings1m
Tutorial • Apr 9

Launch day checklist: Legal settings

Shopify Education Team
Thumbnail preview about Shopify for Startups: How your business can contribute to a circular economy1h 3m
Recorded Webinar • Apr 7

Shopify for Startups: How your business can contribute to a circular economy

Learn how your business can move away from a linear product lifecycle to a circular and regenerative model
Thumbnail preview about 5 tips for driving sales with text message3m
Tutorial • Mar 30

5 tips for driving sales with text message

Shopify Education Team