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Learn about email automation, reengagement campaigns, and other ways to connect with customers through their inboxes.

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Increase Repeat Purchases with Email Marketing
George Hartley

Increase Repeat Purchases with Email Marketing

Most merchants focus their efforts on acquiring new customers rather than retaining existing ones. But while acquisition is important, it’s significantly easier to make another sale to an existing customer than it is to some who has never bought from you. Especially with the help of email automation.

In this course, you’ll learn why customer retention is just as important, if not more, as acquisition and how email automation can help you increase your repeat purchase rate.

By the end, you’ll know how to set up all the best-practice email automations that’ll keep your customers engaged and coming back to your store. And the best part is that because the emails are automated, you’ll be making additional sales on auto-pilot.

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Thumbnail preview about AIDA Framework: Advertising Philosophy 101
Taylor Holiday

AIDA Framework: Advertising Philosophy 101

Good ad creative sells products. So how do you create engaging Facebook ads that capture customer’s attention and converts to sales? In this course Taylor Holiday, CEO of Common Thread Collective and Co-Founder of ADmission will teach you the AIDA framework for ad creative that leads to ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

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Thumbnail preview about Ecommerce Email Marketing 101
Drew Sanocki
2h 7m

Ecommerce Email Marketing 101

Not every customer buys the first time they visit your store. In fact, few do.

As you grow your email list and build your audience, you give your business an owned channel to reach your customers and nurture a relationship with them. Whether it’s a newsletter announcing a new product or a thank-you email after a purchase, email marketing is the most cost-effective communication and marketing channel for your business.

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Thumbnail preview about Build a Print-on-Demand Empire
Adrian Morrison
2h 41m

Build a Print-on-Demand Empire

Print-on-Demand is one of the fastest growing business models for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

With Print-on-Demand, you have the opportunity to have white-label printing on products like t-shirts, phone cases, pillows, hats and even shower curtains with your logo or branding. You don’t have to hold any inventory, you simply need to focus on marketing and design, and choose a fulfillment company that will send your customer their product when you receive an order.

In this course you’re learn from serial ecommerce entrepreneur Adrian Morrison, who will teach you the step-by-step process to create your print on demand store from start to scale (the level of success is up to you).

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