10 Ways to Find and Engage 1000 Raving Fans

10 Ways to Find and Engage 1000 Raving Fans

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“It's better to have 1,000 engaged fans than 10,000 followers when you want to optimize for sales.”

In this lesson you’ll learn how to find and engage 1,000 engaged fans. Your goal is to attract followers that consistently engage with your content on Instagram will become loyal, brand advocates (and buyers).

In the video you’ll get a detailed breakdown of the different ways to turn Instagram users into engaged fans. Below you can see the top strategies that are explained in the video.

10 Ways to Find and Engage Your 1000 Raving Fans:

  1. Be authentic
  2. Stay consistent
  3. Use engagement pods (Tool recommendation: Hey Engage! which you’ll learn more about throughout the course)
  4. Do shoutouts
  5. Segment content (Example for @befitfoods | Content is segmented into ‘fruit,’ ‘food preparation,’ and ‘vibrant colours and abundance’
  6. Use Stories (Reading recommendation: How to Use Instagram Stories for Marketing (And Why You Should) and you’ll learn more in Module 2, Lesson 5)
  7. Mix up your media
  8. Run giveaways (A creative example is @garyvee’s #60secclub)
  9. Repost viral content
  10. Tell people what to do (Don’t forget a call to action! Examples include: ‘tag a friend’ or ‘Ecomment if you agree/disagree!’)

There are a lot of exciting options to connect with potential fans. It’s recommended that you choose two to three strategies to start and keep testing to see what works best for you. Regardless of the strategies you pick to start, the key is to stay consistent and a minimum of once per day.

Now head to Module 2 to learn how to create beautiful content for your Instagram feed!