7 Handy Websites for Free Stock Videos

7 Handy Websites for Free Stock Videos

Free stock videos

Video landing pages are everywhere these days. From humongous background videos iconicized by websites like Airbnb to more subtle cinemagraphs like the ones popularized by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, motion animation is definitely one of the hottest trends in web design these days.

And why wouldn’t it be? With video, the storytelling possibilities are virtually endless. A simple background animation can communicate an overwhelming amount of information about brand, products, or services in a few short seconds. Furthermore, the seduction of motion is able to capture a visitor’s attention much more effectively than a static photograph or illustration. It explains why video works wonders for customer retention, reduces bounce rates, and can even boost conversions.

The only problem with video is that high quality footage can be incredibly technically challenging and costly to produce — especially when the closest you’ve come to filming something is with the camera function on your smartphone. Thankfully, there are a slew of amateur filmmakers and video curators that have created and shared hundreds of thousands of minutes of free video footage. Here are 7 useful websites for free stock video to have on hand for your next web design project.

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Made “with love” by the CodersClan and Veed.Me teams, Coverr sends you seven new beautiful free videos every Monday if you subscribe to their mailing list. Once you’ve found footage that you like, simply download your favourite video, upload it to your website, and then add the HTML, CSS, or Javascript snippets that Coverr provides. It’s the perfect solution for the amateur videographer, or coder, or both!

Free stock videos: Coverr


Although most of ClipCanvas footage can only be accessed after you’ve paid a one-time subscription fee, they still have a substantial library of free footage for download. Not all of the free clips are the highest of quality, but if you’re willing to do some digging, there are quite a few gems to be found amongst the rabble.

Free stock videos: ClipCanvas


A sharing community for amateur photographers and videographers, Videezy is a great place to find HD videos, background animations, and b-rolls created by talented filmmakers from around the world. All the videos are free to download, but there are some restrictions on using certain videos in your projects. Just make sure to check the license on your clip before you upload it to your site!

Free Stock Videos: Videezy

Beachfront B-roll

Beachfront B-roll is a video blog. In addition to a wide array of aesthetically considered footage that is free to download and free to use, the site owners have grouped series of clips thematically by blog post — which are a joy to read. There are no costs to use any of B-roll’s footage, but the filmmakers  do that ask visitors for a small donation so they can improve the quality of the clips he produces.

Free Stock Videos: Beachfront B-roll

Mitch Martinez

Another footage collection created and curated by a single filmmaker, Mitch Martinez has a great assortment of high quality videos shot using RED Epic equipment. All videos are free to download and use, but if you are using a video for commercial use, you will need to complete a Release Form.

Free stock videos: Mitch Martinez

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Life of Vids

With new videos added every week, Life of Vids is a great place to get your hands on unique stock video footage before anyone else does. There are clips and loops of landscapes, food and dining, urban scenes, and animals, all of which can be downloaded and used for free with no copyright restrictions. The site creators —Leeroy Creative Agency— just ask for a backlink to their site, where possible.

Free stock videos: Life of Vids


As their website proudly boasts, there are 3 reasons why Videvo is the perfect solution for all your stock video needs. It’s all completely free, the licensing process is simple, and they are constantly updating their site with new footage. Videvo is also a conglomerate of stock footage shot by independent and amateur filmmakers from around, so it’s hard to beat them when it comes to diversity and range of subject matter.

Free stock videos: Videvo

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