Design Your Store Faster With Product CSVs and Images

Design Your Store Faster With Product CSVs and Images

Shopify product csvWorking on Shopify Themes is simple – you can do some pretty amazing things with little effort, and today it’s going to get even simpler. We have compiled a set of product CSVs which contain high quality images and product data, like variants, which you can import directly into your stores. The product CSVs will create high quality product data you can start working with when building your themes and stores on Shopify.

If you’re working on design concepts with Sketch or Photoshop, we have compiled a set of hundreds of beautiful product images you can start using in your designs. The days of wasting hours searching on the web for product images or using lorem ipsum — some of these lorem ipsum generators are pretty funny though — for product info are over. The product CSVs and images we’ve gathered cover the following four product categories:

  1. Apparel
  2. Fashion
  3. Snowboards
  4. Bikes

Even if your current project focuses on another vertical, using realistic product photos in your mockups can really help your client visualize the final product.

So, how can you start using these resources? We have them repository hosted on Github, and you can clone or fork the repository. Disclaimer: These images belong to the respective theme template owners and are only to be used for private use.

Download CSVs View Repository

How to import a product CSV

To start the product CSV import, head over to the Products Page in the Shopify Admin and click on “Import” found on the top right hand corner:

Shopify admin - import a product CSV

Clicking on import will bring up a modal window with an option to upload a file.

Shopify admin - import product csv modal

Click on “Choose File” and select the product CSV file you would like to use for your store. I will be using the “SnowDevil.csv” as an example for my this article.

shopify admin - product csv upload

Click “Upload File” and click “Start Import” on the following screen:

shopify admin - product csv review page

Depending on the CSV you selected to upload, the import can take up to 15 minutes to populate to your store. This is the perfect opportunity to grab a coffee or smoothie while Shopify imports the products to your store.

Once the import is finished, you will see several products in your store with valuable product descriptions, variants, thumbnails, and so much more that you can start working with right away.

shopify product csv - product page

Here’s that same product on my store using the free Venture theme by Shopify:

shopify product csv - final result

Product Images

Alternatively, you may be working on a design concept for a client and need some quality product images before you start writing a line of code. After you download the zip from GitHub, open the images folder to find hundreds of products you can begin to incorporate into your designs.shopify product csv - product images

Bonus: Sketch Shopify Data Populator

If you’re designing your concepts in Sketch, you may also want to check out how you can work with dynamic product data and images using our Sketch Shopify Data Populator. It’s really easy to use. All you have to do is build your layout as you would normally and populate the product content with the plugin. To learn more about the plugin check out our post accompanied with a step by step how-to video tutorial: 3 Easy Steps for Working with Realistic Data in Sketch Using JSON

Shopify Sketch Data Populator

More resources, less problems

We hope that the resources we’re developing and sharing with you are saving you time and helping you become more productive. If there is a resource you’re looking for, please let us know in the comments below. 

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Sketch Shopify data populator

About the Author

Levin is a self-taught designer and front-end developer whose passion for design combined with his thirst for continual learning inspired him to run his own conference: Go Beyond Pixels. He has worked for clients all over the world, such as Vox Media in NYC, and now works for Trello.

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