[Free Webinar] 10 Things You Can (and Should) Do With SVG

[Free Webinar] 10 Things You Can (and Should) Do With SVG
10 Things You Can (and Should) Do With SVG: Chris Coyier

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Watch the recording

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVGs) are one of the most versatile file formats on the web. They’re easily manipulated using a variety of coding languages, can increase website performance through small file sizes, and are scaleable on any browser (without affecting resolution).

You’re probably already aware of SVGs. Perhaps you haven’t used the format as much as you would like to, or maybe you’re looking for new ways to use SVGs in your upcoming projects. Regardless of your previous experiences, there are always opportunities to wow your clients — especially if you know what you can (and should) do with SVGs.

In this free webinar hosted by Shopify, Chris Coyier — web designer and developer at CodePen, author of A Book Apart’s Practical SVG, and writer for CSS Tricks — will teach you all you need to know about the SVG image format, and how you can incorporate SVG elements into your own design toolkit.

During this one-hour presentation, you’ll learn:

  • When to use SVGs and why you should
  • How to improve your design workflows with SVGs
  • Ten new strategies for using SVGs in your day-to-day career

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