[Free Webinar] Learn How Sketching Can Improve Your Design Workflow

[Free Webinar] Learn How Sketching Can Improve Your Design Workflow

Eva Lotta Lamm Webinar: 2016

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The live broadcast of this webinar has already happened, but don’t worry you can still watch the recording on our blog.

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Sketching is a great tool for designers (well, actually for anyone who needs to think about complex problems and communicate with others) to have in their skill set. It’s fast, efficient, and everybody can do it. Yes, everybody…even you.

In this free webinar hosted by Shopify, user experience designer Eva-Lotta Lamm will show you some basic techniques to start sketching your ideas.

You'll get hands-on practice and learn how to use simple pictures in your everyday work, and Lamm will demonstrate how easy-to-do sketches can help make your thoughts clearer, your notes more structured, and your communication more engaging.

This is an interactive webinar and you are invited to sketch along, learn-by-doing right in the session, and walk away with a neat little visual vocabulary that you can use straight-away in meetings, workshops, or your secret notebook.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Practical sketching techniques you can use today
  • The value of sketching in your creative process
  • How to use sketches to communicate with your team

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