[Free Webinar] Using Shopify's Marketing Events API to Improve Your Marketing App

[Free Webinar] Using Shopify's Marketing Events API to Improve Your Marketing App

Free webinar using Shopifys Marketing Events API

Over half of all Shopify merchants will install a marketing app at some point in their entrepreneurial lifetime to address a common pain point: promoting their business to attract new customers. But with so much activity going on at any given time, it’s often difficult for merchants to understand the impact of their individual marketing efforts.

It’s especially difficult since, on average, each Shopify merchant has four different apps powering their store.

In order to help merchant users better understand the value of their marketing efforts (and marketing apps), we launched the Marketing Events API — a new tool that allows app developers to better communicate their app's impact on a merchant’s business.

Now, by connecting your new or existing app to the Marketing Events API, you have the ability to leverage the API’s performance tracking functionality — meaning you can show merchants how much visitor traffic your app drives, and how your app directly impacts sales.

In this free webinar hosted by Shopify Partners, Daniel Patricio — Product Manager on Shopify’s Merchant Marketing Team — will walk you through how to use the Marketing Events API to create better marketing results for merchants, and higher app usage and retention rates for your business.

In addition to learning about the research and importance behind this API's creation, you'll be taken through a live coding demonstration that shows you how to connect your app to the API to start generating attribution reports.

During this one-hour presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Why marketing apps are incredibly valuable to merchants.
  • How to show the impact of your marketing app's performance.
  • How to build your own reporting functionality using the Marketing Events API.
  • How to be featured in app recommendations in Shopify’s merchant dashboard.

This webinar was live on Tuesday, May 23 at 1:00PM EST (10:00AM PST/5:00PM UTC).

Looking for some amazing content to tide you over until the live event? Head over to our webinars page and check out our previous Partner Sessions.

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