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Paul Boag Shares a Favorite Ecommerce Project

Paul Boag Shares a Favorite Ecommerce Project


In Part 1 of my interview with Paul Boag, we discussed the importance of making a name for yourself in the web industry. Content marketing has played a key part in his own success and that of the agency he co-founded, Headscape.

Of course, getting the “gig” is only the first hurdle – you have to deliver good work too. In this excerpt, I ask Paul about his experiences working on ecommerce projects. What follows is an illuminating and unusual insight into an ecommerce site catering for a demographic where the typical user is over 60.

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Paul Boag on Content Marketing & How to Start Your Blog

Paul Boag on Content Marketing & How to Start Your Blog


Paul Boag has been working on the web since 1994. He was one of the original founders of Headscape, a UK digital agency, and is a well-known and respected author, blogger and conference speaker. He’s also co-host of the long running, and perhaps the original, web design and business-focused podcast BoagWorld.

In this interview with Keir Whitaker, Paul shares why content marketing is here to stay, tips on improving your writing process, and why you should get comfortable with public speaking.

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10 Bookmark-Worthy Websites for Free Stock Photography

10 Bookmark-Worthy Websites for Free Stock Photography


We’ll be the first to say that having visually stunning images is one of the most important factors for any web design project, especially ecommerce stores. We are also the first to appreciate how hard it is for web designers to get high-quality photography from their clients without having to take the photos themselves.

Therefore, having a number of “go-to” royalty-free photo sites on hand is always helpful. Whether you need a great product image to showcase your design, inspiration to brighten up your day, or a background for your latest project, here are 10 free stock photography websites worth a visit.

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4 Conferences You Should Attend

4 Conferences You Should Attend


As we stride headlong into the summer months it’s time to take a breath and gear ourselves up for the upcoming spring(fall)/winter conference season. There’s a lot to look forward to.

As part of my role as Shopify Design Advocate, I have been lucky enough to attend a number of great events in 2014 including An Event Apart in Seattle (where we debuted our new Mike Kus designed t-shirts), Smashing Conf in the beautiful UK city of Oxford and of course Beyond Tellerrand in Dusseldorf Germany. All three were packed full of great sessions and many opportunities to meet new people and chat with Shopify users new and old.

We’ll be setting up shop at a number of events from late August onwards. Here’s my roundup of some events that you may wish to consider for the second half of 2014.

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[Free Course] 10x Your Shopify Theme Development Skills with These Free Courses

[Free Course] 10x Your Shopify Theme Development Skills with These Free Courses

Free Shopify Theme Development CoursesThere's a lot to consider when it comes to building and launching a successful Shopify store. From the design and development of a great theme, right through to the production of beautiful product photography, and strategic marketing campaigns — there’s a lot of moving parts.

As much as you might want to dive head first into Shopify theme development, it’s often difficult to know where to start. Should you begin experimenting with Liquid hands-on, or diligently read our documentation from beginning to end?

Each one of us learns differently, but one thing in recent years has become clear—online video training has transformed the way we educate ourselves. These increasingly popular courses can help you take your design and development skills to new heights, by offering a platform for learning a specialized skill-set at your own pace.

4 Shopify theme development courses to 10x your skills

On the partners site, we have two resources that will teach you about Shopify theme development.

In our guide on learning liquid, you will get a primer on getting started with Shopify theme development. In the Shopify Partners Academy, our course series will teach you Shopify’s core features and functionality. By taking this course you will have a clear understanding of the front end development tools and frameworks used in Shopify.

We've teamed up with SkillShare, one of the world's leading online learning platforms, and two of our top Shopify Experts to produce two new courses aimed at teaching new and experienced web designers how to work effectively with the Shopify platform.

We've ensured these courses are completely free — that way, you can start your path to 10x'ing your Shopify theme development skills today. Here are four courses we recommend to level up your theme development.

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1. Learn Theme Development with the Shopify Partners Academy

Free Shopify Theme Development Course in the Partners Academy

To build themes, you need to understand Shopify’s core features and functionality as well as the front end development tools and frameworks. The Shopify Partners Academy is a self-study course series with 11 courses that will walk you through the nuances of Shopify’s platform. This online course series is designed to help you level-up your product and business skills.

Within the partners academy and our course, Shopify Theme Development Basics, Shopify Plus Partner, Rocket Code, takes you through the essentials of developing world-class Shopify Themes for your client. You will learn how to set up a local development environment, utilize the Shopify Theme Editor, and use the Shopify Ajax API. You will walk away with tips and best practices for tackling responsive design on Shopify for theme development.

Get started with theme development in the Shopify Partner Academy

Get up to speed with Shopify theme development basics in the Shopify Partners Academy. Learn tips and best practices for tackling responsive design on Shopify.

To access these courses, you need to be a Shopify Partner. Not yet a partner? Sign up today!

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2. Learning Liquid: A Guide on Getting Started with Shopify Theme Development

Free Guide on Learning Liquid for Shopify Theme Development

Learning Liquid is the cornerstone of every great Shopify developer’s success. Whether you’re just starting out with Shopify themes, or you’re a seasoned Shopify Expert, there are always new and useful things to learn that will help with your everyday theme development. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of hints, tips, and tricks for using Liquid that will help take your Shopify theme development skills to the next level.

In this guide, we’ll cover:

  • An overview of the Liquid templating language.
  • How to setup a “local” development environment.
  • Techniques for getting the most out of your Shopify templates.
  • How to use Liquid to improve your images.
  • Plus, even more tips, tricks, and hacks for customizing Shopify stores using Liquid!

3. Shopify Essentials for Web Developers

Shopify Essentials for Web Developers: From Store Setup to Custom Themes
An Online Skillshare Class by Kurt Elster

If you're new to Shopify, start here. Senior Ecommerce Consultant Kurt Elster's three-hour course is intended for web designers and developers with little to no knowledge, and acts as a comprehensive primer on the Shopify ecosystem. This course will teach you how to get started with theme modification, and walks through the basics of offering your clients a completely custom development.

With over 17 bitesized videos, Kurt will show you how to add a new line of services to your existing web design business, by equipping you with everything needed to find success with Shopify.

This course will feature an in-depth look at the following topics:

  • Getting started with ecommerce
  • Intro to your partner account
  • Development walkthrough
  • Products, collections, and pages
  • Products and their variants
  • Pages and blogs
  • Themes, layouts, and filters
  • Themes and Liquid explained
  • Layouts and templates
  • Filters and loops
  • Liquid walkthrough
  • Using alternate templates and snippets
  • Checkout
  • Theme settings
  • Making money with Shopify

New to Shopify theme development?

This 17-part crash course will provide you with everything you need to know to start designing and developing beautiful ecommerce websites with Shopify.

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4. Advanced Shopify Theme Development

Advanced Shopify Theme Development
An Online Skillshare Class by Gavin Ballard

If you are a seasoned Shopify professional, and looking to take your skills to the next level, this course is for you. In this 90-minute course, Shopify Expert Gavin Ballard will share the skills and knowledge that have enabled him to work on advanced themes and bespoke apps on the Shopify platform.

This course will teach you how to create exceptional and immersive ecommerce experiences; from using progressive enhancement on product pages, to “Ajaxifying” your cart, and more. Gavin will also share his best practices to help you streamline your own workflow and work​ more effectively in teams.

This course will feature an in-depth look at the following topics:

  • A better development workflow
  • Advanced theme development
  • Product customizations
  • Filtering, sorting, and viewing collections
  • Adding Ajax to your theme
  • Advanced workflow and deployment
  • Automating your workflow
  • Deploying Shopify Themes

Looking to 10x your theme development skills?

Learn Shopify theme development in this 90-minute course. Take your skills to the next level.

Register today

Looking for more Shopify theme development resources?

We're focused on helping you find success on our platform. From our Shopify and web design resources to our Shopify and Liquid tutorials, we're constantly releasing new resources to enable you to create effective ecommerce solutions for your clients, and beautiful experiences for their customers.

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Build Your Ecommerce Business: Livestream

Build Your Ecommerce Business: Livestream

Ross Beyeler built a successful ecommerce-focused web design business from the ground up — and he's willing to share the secrets of how he did it. 
In an upcoming General Assembly livestream,  Ross Beyeler — founder of the Boston-based ecommerce web agency Growth Spark — will share his experiences building a successful web agency focused on ecommerce and the Shopify platform. Learn how to get started or grow your business from a technical and business perspective in our first ever Shopify Partners livestream event.

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Creating Useful CSS Hooks in Liquid

Creating Useful CSS Hooks in Liquid

Creating useful CSS hooks in LiquidMany of us use the <body> class for CSS and JavaScript hooks and just like in WordPress it’s pretty easy to add a number of useful classes to our <body> element in Shopify.

Here are a few ideas that you might find useful placing in your main (or alternate) layout file:

Add the currently rendered template name to the body class

<body class="{{ template | handleize }}">

In this example, we are using template to return the name of the currently used template. Some examples of this are:

<body class="index">
<body class="product">
<body class="collection">

This can be really useful when you need to target a specific alternate template for example.

Add the currently rendered product handle to the body class

Building on this we may wish to add the current product handle to our body class. To keep things neat and tidy we can use an if statement to conditionally add the product handle only when we are viewing a product:

<body class="{{ template }}{% if template == "product" %} {{ product.handle }}{% endif %}">

Note how I include the space before the {{ product.handle }} output tag.

If you are using alternate product templates you may wish to use the contains operator instead:

<body class="{{ template }}{% if template contains "product" %} {{ product.handle }}{% endif %}">

Add the current page title to the body class

Some themes also add the current page title to the body element in the form of an id, building on the above our code would now look as follows:

<body id="{{ page_title | handleize }}" class={{ template }}{% if template == "product" %} {{ product.handle }}{% endif %}">

Note in this example we are using the Liquid filter handleize to ensure that the id or class that we add is URL safe and therefore easy to reference in our CSS and JS files. For example, it will turn a page title of “Blue Jeans” into “blue-jeans”.

Add the currently viewed collection’s name to the body class

For good measure, we could even add in a check for collections and add that too:

<body id="{{ page_title | handleize }}" class={{ template }}{% if template == "product" %} {{ product.handle }}{% endif %}{% if template == "collection" %} {{ collection.handle }}{% endif %}">

It’s pretty easy to adjust this logic for your own purposes. Again you may wish to use the contains operator if you are utilising alternate templates.


Hopefully you’ve seen how flexible Liquid is in the above examples. Being able to add a variety of classes to the <body> element gives us useful hooks that we can use in CSS and JavaScript.

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