The Essential List of Resources for Shopify App Development

The Essential List of Resources for Shopify App Development
Shopify App Development ResourcesPart of the excitement of being a Shopify app developer is that there’s always a new merchant-need springing up, new APIs to test out, and new tools to build with. Along with this wealth of possibilities, there’s also an abundance of resources to guide you along your app building journey.

Whether you’re building a Shopify app for the first time, or you’re an experienced developer looking to grow your business, there are guides, blog posts, webinars, and documentation that can help you along the way.

Below is a list of recommended resources, starting with the basics of building Shopify apps, programming language toolkits and tutorials, how-tos on launching your app, and articles on supporting the merchants who will become your users. We’ve organized this list from the start of your app building process, all the way to building your app business, as well as keeping in the loop for new opportunities.

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Shopify app building tutorials

Maybe this is your first Shopify app, or first app ever. To make your app building process as smooth as possible, there are webinars, guides, and newsletters from trusted Shopify Experts to help walk you through every step of the way.

Getting started with APIs

Whether you’re making your first API call, or you’re an API expert who just wants to keep on top of changes and check responses times, the links you need are below.

Development and testing

When interacting with an API, it’s crucial to ensure you’ve set up your API calls correctly and that your webhooks are fully functional for different traffic volumes. Below are some recommended tools for testing.


Secure sockets layer, or SSL, is a requirement for all Shopify apps and therefore encryption is a mandatory step.

App hosting

Now that you know what you want to build and how you want to build it, you’re going to need to a place to host it. Here are some great options to choose from.

Front end development

After the backend is built, it’s time to make sure that the front end provides a great merchant experience. Even if you’re not an experienced front end developer, there are plenty of stylesheets, frameworks, and cheat sheets to assist your build.

Submitting your app to the Shopify App Store

Think your app is just about ready to submit to the Shopify App Store? In our submission documentation, we guide you through everything you need to know, to get your app prepared and submitted.

Launching and marketing your Shopify app

You built your app, tested it, submitted it, and now it’s been listed in the Shopify App Store. It may seem like you’ve reached the finish line, but you haven’t reached the podium until you’ve attracted and retained happy users. Browse through the following resources to learn the basics of marketing your app.

Customer service and analytics

Part of retaining happy users is having a good onboarding flow, a strategy for merchant support, and tools that keep you proactive in understanding your audience and possible pain points.

Shopify updates and connecting with other developers

Congratulations! You’ve built your app, had it listed, and now have several happy merchants as users. At this point, you probably want to stay on top of any updates that will allow you to improve your app; or maybe you’ve got the app building bug, and you’re ready to develop some more. The links below will help you stay in the know on Shopify updates, and will also help you connect with Shopify’s app development network.

Check out the Shopify App Store

Visit the new Shopify App Store, and see how it can get your app in front of the right merchants.

Visit the app store

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