chapter 11

Working with Shopify | How to Become Part of the Shopify Partner Ecosystem


As a web-based freelancer, one of the many decisions you’ll have to make is which ecommerce platform to offer to your clients. It needs to be intuitive for you to build on, and extremely user-friendly for the merchant you’re building for. No one can make that decision but you.

Perhaps you’ll consider Shopify. We now host more than 500,000 merchants around the world, of all sizes and verticals, and that number is growing everyday.

We’ve also established a vast network of international designers, developers, marketers, and consultants that use Shopify as the ecommerce tool of choice for their clients — a supportive community of freelancers and agencies learning from one another and aiming to make commerce better for everyone.

The easiest way to join this community is to sign up for the Shopify Partner Program (don’t worry — it’s free, so you can try it out to see if it’s a good fit). You’ll get access to our in-depth documentation, workshops and training, marketing materials, private discussion forums, and early insights into Shopify’s roadmap — everything you need to start your journey to becoming a trusted Shopify Expert.

These are the things that we feel will bring you the most value as a Shopify Partner, but to say thank you, we also offer a revenue share or bounty payment for each merchant you bring onto Shopify. You can find more details on our program incentives in our robust documentation.

We hope you’ll join us.

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